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About the Writing Center

The Writing Center at NVCC is a place where all students can access academic support services.

What we can do for you:

  • help you understand new assignments 
  • work with you to clarify and organize your ideas
  • read drafts of your work and offer suggestions for revision
  • help you expand and develop your papers 
  • assist you with matters of style and correctness and explain specific rules of usage 
  • answer your questions about research and documenting sources 
  • teach you new strategies for writing and develop your confidence as a writer

What we can't do for you:

  • write or revise your paper
  • find all of the errors in your work
  • guarantee or estimate the grade you'll receive
  • comment on your instructor's grade
  • assist you with take-home exams or final portfolios
  • We are writing consultants, not proofreaders, editors, ghostwriters or graders of your paper.

Writing resources

Helpful Writing Resources

Online Resources

  • The Online Writing Lab at Purdue
    This page has a vast amount of resources for every imaginable writing task. Use the navigation menu on the right side to find the topic that best suits your needs.
  • Essayinfo.com
    This site describes different types of essays such as comparison, cause and effect, and literature. A great place to start.
  • Tips-o-Matic
    This page links to three sections that provide concise information and tips. The “Sentences” section provides basic grammar tips while the “Paragraphs” and “Essays” sections offer simple step by step tips for writing essays.
  • Mary-Jo Arn’s Guidelines for Writing Essays 
    Good basic tips for literary essays as well as a great page on how to quote poetry in your essays.
  • How to Write an Essay
    Good general advice. Section 7, “Extras”, has great tips on common mistakes to avoid in your writing.

Grammar Practice

  • Activities for ESL Students
    Looking for quizzes on grammar and/or vocabulary? This site has quite a few and you don’t have to be an ESL student. There are also Bi-Lingual quizzes in over 30 languages.
  • Developmental English
    A helpful resource offering valuable information and advice covering several areas of English. Take practice quizzes and look at common mistakes to help achieve a solid grasp on grammar.
  • Edufind.com: Grammar Topics
    Got a grammar question? You can find the answer in this comprehensive online grammar guide.
  • English Grammar 101
    Go here for a comprehensive instructional series that takes you through the many aspects of English grammar, quizzing you along.
  • English Grammar Online
    The tests on this site are grouped by level so you can start easy and increase the challenge.
  • Guide to Grammar & Writing
    Sponsored by Capital College in Hartford, this site has a ton of information and lots of interactive quizzes, too.
  • Punctuation Made Simple
    Like the title implies, this site is concise and to the point. You can read through this short lesson on punctuation in under an hour and learn proper usage of pesky marks like semi-colons and apostrophes.

    Looking for more?

    Go to The ESL Links Site for a list of many more sites with activities, lessons, and reference material.

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