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Quick facts

Quick Facts

Need Some Homework Help?

Join the 22,000 students who visit the Academic Center for Excellence in a given semester. The ACE offers free tutoring for enrolled students.

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Did You Know?

The Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS) provides the following services:
Academic Advising
Personal Counseling
Transfer Planning
Career Planning

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Need to Sign Out a Laptop?

In addition to signing out a laptop, the library has books, usb drives, and even guitars that you can sign out.

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Academic resources

Academic Resources available for every student to help them succeed

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Your success is our expectation

We are student-success driven and one of the only community colleges to offer free, on-campus tutoring for every student. What’s more, students who use our resources do better. Students that visit the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) increase their grades, feel more empowered, and are more likely to stay in college. At NVCC, we’re here for you, so take advantage of all the great resources we have to offer for current students and alumni.


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Job, career, transfer resources

Job, career, and transfer resources

  • Career, Job, and need-blind transfer support: CJPCO
  • Transfer assistance: CAPSS
DACA resources

DACA Students - Update

  • January 2018: The Immigration Detention and DACA (IDD) Clinic at UConn Law School is offering legal consultations for people who have lost, or will be losing, protection they previously had under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Temporary Protected Status (TPS) programs.  The consultations will provide advice on possible immigration avenues, and assistance on DACA renewal for those who qualify, but the IDD Clinic is generally not equipped to provide further representation.  The consultations will be performed by teams of law student interns under the supervision of an experienced attorney.  Consultations and any other services will be free of charge (except for potential filing fees) and will likely require two or more meetings at the UConn Law School in Hartford.  If you would like a consultation with the IDD Clinic, please contact Jon Bauer, at or 860-570-5205, or Anna Cabot, at or 860-570-5460. Please note that the scope of the immigration services offered by the clinic are limited. 

  • Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) - For CSCU's position on DACA, legal and community resources, and a frequently asked questions area, please review the CSCU web page.

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Student Spotlight

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