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Social Justice Series: the "Miseducation" of the American Mind

Shaping Our Thoughts: the "Miseducation" of the American Mind
M. 10/8 @ 12:45pm in L501
In today's increasingly polarized political discourse, people often take a side, confirm their position, and deliberately discount contrary information.  In this interactive workshop, participants will assess how opinions are formed, manipulated, and distorted.  It's basically "Disinformation 101" and participants will leave questioning beliefs and wanting to learn more about the claims, information, and images they receive through the media.  

Social Justice Series: Voting Rights

Voting Rights... or is it a privilege, and/or a responsibility?
Tu. 10/30 @ 11:10am in L501 
With the election days away, this discussion will center on one critical question, "Is voting a right, privilege or a responsibility?" Based on the multiple ways individuals may answer this question, the workshop will explore current voting restrictions, voting rules, and ultimately, the impact on our Democracy. 

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