Factors to Consider | Withdrawing from a Class
Withdrawing & impact on financial aid


Thinking about withdrawing from a course?

Deciding whether to stay in a course or withdraw is an important decision and there are many factors to consider. Before you withdraw, you should talk to your instructor about your current progress in the course and explore appropriate alternatives to withdrawal, such as receiving an incomplete grade (I) or making special arrangements to complete your assignments. Then, meet with your academic advisor or a counselor to discuss the information you received from your instructor along with your reasons for why you want or need to withdraw. 

Know your options.

Helpful resources

Common reasons for withdrawing from courses and where you can turn for help:

Reason Where to Get Help
Illness Instructor
Serious Illness Dean of Students
Difficult Course(s) ACE Center
Child Care Child Development Center
Finances Financial Aid Office
Work Schedule Conflict Instructor or Counselor
Too Many Courses Counselor
Excessive Absences Instructor or Counselor
Personal Problems Instructor or Counselor

Weigh the consequences.

Important information to know about NVCC’s grading system:

Withdrawal (W) Student Initiated: Students have the right to formally leave a course or the College and the right to receive counseling and assistance in order to maintain enrollment in courses. Students are advised that course withdrawal may alter progress toward program completion. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their decisions with their instructor, counselor or advisor.

Incomplete (I): At the discretion of the instructor, the notation “I” may be assigned if a student, for extenuating circumstances, has not completed all course requirements. Usually, an “I” would be changed to a letter grade by the end of the next semester; however, the instructor has the option of establishing the completion date. If a grade change is not submitted to the Records Office by the instructor by the end of the semester following that in which the “I” was assigned, the “I” will be converted to an “F.”

It is important to know that courses from which you withdraw are not counted or audited as part of your academic load when full-time or part-time status is reported to the following:

    • Financial Aid Office
    • an employer
    • a health insurance carrier
    • Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • Department of Veterans Affairs.

Follow the proper steps.

A registered student wishing to withdraw from a course must submit a withdrawal request, in writing, to the Registrar. Requests must be received by the deadline within the withdrawal period. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the withdrawal is received. Withdrawals can be made in person, by mail or online through your student account at myCommnet. Visit your instructor, academic advisor or a counselor to discuss your withdrawal from a course.

  1. Students who plan to withdraw from any courses must also report to the Financial Aid Office for counseling prior to the actual course withdrawal.
  2. Be aware of the last day to initiate your withdrawal. View the refund policy online or visit the Registrar.
Refund policy

Fall/Spring Refund Policy for General Fund Courses

  • Definition of a General Fund course: 

Any credit course offered during the fall and spring semesters with the exception of Late Start courses.
When registering for courses, students pay a non-refundable deposit equal to the total fees for their courses.

Students must notify the Registrar (in person/ email/fax) in order to request a tuition refund. A full refund (100%) of tuition and lab usage fees only will be granted if notice is made to the Registrar of course cancellation or reduced course load by the deadline listed for each session in the College Admissions and Enrollment Guide or on the College Academic Calendar.  (online/email/fax/scan). For notice of reduced course load received after the listed deadline, a 50% refund of tuition and lab usage fees only will be granted. In either case, College services, student activity and clinical program fees are neither refundable nor reducible unless the changes are due to course cancellations. No refund will be granted for notices of withdrawal or reduced course load received after the add/drop period listed has passed. Refund checks will be sent from the board office directly to the student. Policy assumes the student is paid in full at the time of withdrawal.

    • Refund Policy for Extension Fund (Late Start) Courses: 

    If the College cancels a course, students receive a full refund of all tuition and service fees. A student who drops a credit extension course prior to its first scheduled meeting will receive a full refund of tuition only, provided that the student officially drops the class prior to or on the last business day before the first class meeting. If the student officially withdraws on the day of the first class meeting or after, there is no refund and the student will receive a “W” on his/her transcript.

    Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents for Higher Education.

      Types of withdrawals


      Official and Unofficial Withdrawals 

      • Official withdrawal is the date the student officially notified the school that s/he would withdraw through written signature or online withdrawal.
      • Unofficial withdrawal (non-attendance taking institutions) is the date the school became aware the student ceased attendance.

      Withdrawal from Courses 

      Before two-thirds of the semester, a student who withdraws from all must obtain a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s office, and return the completed form to the Registrar’s office. Students can also withdraw on-line prior to two-thirds of the semester through their myCommNet account. Grades for courses from which a student withdraws during the first two-thirds of the semester will be recorded as “W” at the end of the semester.

      If a student stops attending and fails to withdraw officially from a course, a grade of “F,” or “UF” may be recorded on the student’s transcript. In all cases of withdrawal, a “W” does not affect the student’s grade-point average.

      Withdrawal from the College 

      A student who withdraws from the college must withdrawal from all classes at the Registrar’s office. Failure to officially withdraw in writing from the college may result in failing grades for uncompleted courses and might result in probation or suspension status.

      Unofficial Withdrawals 
      The “UF” is an administrative transcript notation or grade used by the faculty for students considered to have no basis for a grade due to non-attendance.

      Students who are registered for courses and are not attending are ineligible to receive financial aid funds. NVCC works closely with the Academic Affairs and Continuing Education divisions, who collect information directly from instructors of students who are in non-attendance status for their classes to ensure no aid is disbursed. The Financial Aid office understands the federal requirement to identify students who fail to attend classes. Faculty receives a written request to collect and report information of students who do not attend their classes.

      The Financial Aid office staff cancels the aid for the students included on these lists. If there is a change in the attendance and the student continues to attend class, the student is asked to bring proof of attendance for all classes registered. A deadline is given to the student to submit proof of attendance.

      Acceptable proof of attendance includes a notification from the professor that the student is attending, a recently graded paper/assignment from student’s class, or our in-office Verification of Attendance form completed with the professor’s signature. Proof of attendance is required from all professors in each class the student is registered. If proof of attendance is submitted, then the student’s financial aid is reinstated. If there is no contact from the student, the student is charged for the class they failed to attend and is not granted financial aid for that class.

      After the semester grades are posted, the Financial Aid office will review and consider any passing grades the student may have earned and reinstate the disbursable aid.

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