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Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences Division

Digital Design Option

Program Description

The Digital Design Option provides students with an in-depth understanding of two-dimensional digital design, three-dimensional object modeling and animation, and sound design. Required courses focus on the detailed study of 3D modeling and animation, digital photography and video production, digital audio and sound design, and Web design and development. Topics are explored from both a theoretical and applications perspective. The program mission is to prepare digital designers for jobs in marketing, video production, music and sound production, graphic art production, and electronic publishing.

General Education Core course listings and definitions appear on pages 54-57. Placement testing will determine the sequencing of courses. Additional courses may be required.

Program Requirements

Course Type Course Number & Title Cr.
Core Communications COM*H100 Introduction to Communications 3
Core Communications ENG*H101 Composition 3
Core Humanities ENG*H102 Literature and Composition or
ENG*H200 Advanced Composition
Core Mathematics MAT*H135 Topics in Contemporary Mathematics or
any Mathematics course higher than MAT*H1371
Core Science Any Science (AST, BIO, CHE, GLG, MET or PHY)
course (except BIO*H111)
Core Behavioral Science ANT*H101 Introduction to Anthropology or
PSY*H111 General Psychology I or
SOC*H101 Principles of Sociology
Core Social Science HIS*H101 Western Civilization I or
HIS*H102 Western Civilization II or
HIS*H201 U.S. History I or
HIS*H202 U.S. History II
Core Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences ART*H101 Art History or
ART*H102 Art History II
Program Arts DAN*H101 History and Appreciation of World Dance 3
Program Arts DAT*H101 Introduction to Digital Arts 3
Program Arts MUS*H101 History & Appreciation of Music 3
Program Arts THR*H101 Introduction to Theater 3
Program Arts Visual and Performing Arts Electives
(students should choose 9 credits from courses listed on this page)
Program Requirement DAT*H106 Digital Design 3
Program Requirement DAT*H108 Digital Imaging I 3
Program Requirement DAT*H110 Digital Video Production I 3
Program Requirement DAT*H212 3D Graphics & Animation 3
Program Requirement DAT*H220 Acoustics & Sound Design 3
Program Business CSA*H105 Introduction to Software Applications 3

Total Credits: 63-64

1Students intending to transfer are encouraged to take MAT 146, 167, or 172

Visual and Performing Arts Electives:
ART*H101 Art History I
ART*H102 Art History II
ART*H122 Three-Dimensional Design
ART*H131 Sculpture I
ART*H132 Sculpture II
ART*H141 Photography I
ART*H142 Photography II
ART*H160 Crafts
ART*H161 Ceramics I
ART*H162 Ceramics II
ART*H167 Printmaking I
COM*H175 Voice and Diction
DAN*H102 Ballet I: Renaissance to Romantic
DAN*H111 Jazz Dance I: Afro-Caribbean/American
DAN*H112 Jazz Dance II: Broadway & Film
DAN*H113 Modern Dance I: Pioneers of America
DAT*H106 Digital Design
DAT*H116 Interactive Media Design
DAT*H212 3D Graphics and Animation I
DAT*H290 Digital Arts Project
GRA*H150 Introduction to Graphic Design
MUS*H103 History of American Music
MUS*H104 World Music
MUS*H111 Fundamentals of Music I
MUS*H153 Class Instruction Piano
MUS*H158 Chamber Music/Jazz Ensemble
MUS*H163 Ear Training I
MUS*H164 Ear Training II
MUS*H176 Gospel Choir
MUS*H179 Opera Performance Ensemble
MUS*H184 Applied Private Music Lessons
MUS*H206 Introduction to Music Education
MUS*H208 Introduction to Music Therapy
MUS*H213 Music Theory III
MUS*H214 Music Theory IV
MUS*H254 Concert Band
MUS*H218 Electronic Music Composition/Audio Technology I
THR*H110 Acting I
THR*H120 Stagecraft
THR*H190 Theater Practicum I


Upon successful completion of all program requirements graduates will be able to:

  1. Design and edit digital graphic and image files.
  2. Utilize techniques for 3D character modeling and the design of 3D virtual space.
  3. Analyze and evaluate the properties of sound, human hearing, psychoacoustics, electro-acoustic and digital sound reproduction systems.
  4. Design state-of-the-art special effect techniques for film and video.
  5. Design and edit digital audio for multimedia, video, games, and the web.
  6. Plan, produce, script, edit, and complete original video projects.

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