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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Division

Fundamentals Of Machine Technology

Program Description

The objective of the certificate program is to provide entry level skills and knowledge to individuals seeking a background in the machine technology profession. A prerequisite for entry into this certificate program is placement into or above both MAT*095 and ENG*096 or consent of the program director. This certificate provides entry level skills to those seeking positions in machine technology environments.

Program Requirements

Course No. Title Credits
MFG*H124 Blueprint Reading I 2
MFG*H151 Mfg Machinery – Drill Press 1
MFG*H152 Mfg Machinery – Grinding 2
MFG*H153 Mfg Machinery – Bench Work 2
MFG*H154 Mfg Machinery – Lathe I 2
MFG*H155 Mfg Machinery – Milling I 2
MFG*H156 Mfg Machinery – CNC I 2
Directed Electives 3
MFT H5234 Metrology (non-credit course)
MFT H5235 Manufacturing Math I (non-credit course)
MFT H5236 Career Awareness/Development/
Computer Application (non-credit course)
Total Credit Hours 16

Directed Electives:
CAD*H110 Introduction to CAD or
CAD*H150 CAD 2D or
QUA*H114 Principles of Quality Control

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