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Multimedia/Web Authoring

Program Description

The certificate in Multimedia/Web Authoring is designed for individuals who have already earned advanced degrees, are currently employed in interactive multimedia/Web design professions, and are looking for skill-enhancement opportunities. Students entering this certificate program should already have a foundation in the core components of multimedia design and development attained through career performance or degree acquisition. If the individual does not possess either a degree or experience, he/she should consider enrolling in the Digital Arts/Multimedia Authoring degree option. Certificate credits may also be applied toward related degree programs.

Program Requirements

Course No. Title Credits
DAT*H104 Multimedia Authoring I 3
DAT*H106 Digital Design 3
DAT*H116 Interactive Media Design 3
DAT*H205 Multimedia Authoring II 3
DAT*H215 Multimedia/Web Authoring 3
DAT*H240 Multimedia Authoring III 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Upon successful completion of all program requirements graduates will be able to:

  1. Utilize current development methods to design advanced multimedia systems.
  2. Utilize the phases of the project development life-cycle to assist in the design and completion of multimedia project applications.
  3. Conduct a user-needs assessment for the development of multimedia systems.
  4. Design and implement accessibility-compliant user interfaces.
  5. Design interactive application technologies for the World Wide Web.
  6. Complete significant projects terminating in deliverable software products with technical documentation.

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