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Program Description

This certificate in dance is designed for individuals who are looking to enhance their technique, broaden their repertoire, and build their choreographic options and production skills. This program is tailored for those who wish to work or presently work with either children or adults in studio, theatre, early childhood or community service environments. Individuals wishing to broaden their dance foundation for working in the art or entertainment industries also may be served.

Many individuals who teach dance have a limited access to higher education in dance. There is a need for technical as well as artistic training. This program will address these needs by providing a firm foundation in the major aspects of dance so that the student may feel confident in his/her involvement in the dance world.

A Formal Pathways to Dance Certification K-12 has been designed for the public school teacher wishing to obtain the State of Connecticut's pending certification.

Students entering this program should have a basic foundation in dance. If the individual does not possess either a degree or experience, he/she may consider enrolling in the Visual and Performing Arts/Dance Degree option. Credits may be applied toward the degree program. Students may substitute, with permission, other dance offerings to fit their needs.

Students must successfully complete the following credit courses with a “B” average:

Program Requirements

Course No. Title Credits
DAN*H101 History & Appreciation of World Dance 3
DAN*H102 Ballet I: Renaissance to Romantic 3
DAN*H111 Jazz Dance I: Afro-Caribbean/American
DAN*H112 Jazz Dance II: Broadway and Film 3
DAN*H113 Modern I: Pioneers of America 3
DAN*H202 Ballet II: Classical to Contemporary 3
DAN*H213 Modern Dance II 3
DAN*H221 Repertory/Ensemble I 3
DAN*H222 Choreographic Principles/Ensemble I 3
Total Credit Hours 24


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate mastery skills and techniques necessary for studio and/or theatre dance.
  2. Execute a comprehensive historical repertoire of various dance genres using appropriate movement vocabulary.
  3. Demonstrate dance as a means of communication and as a reflection of one’s society.
  4. Make an accurate assessment of personal & students’ (if teaching) technical and artistic strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Execute effectively production skills from the choreographic process to the performance.

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