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7 August 2017

NVCC Alumni Postcards Gratefully Acknowledge the Difference Community College Makes

NVCC Alumni Postcards Gratefully Acknowledge the Difference Community College Makes

One of the best things about leading the College newspaper is the postcards and letters from our students. The Tamarack advisor, Associate Professor Steve Parlato, recently shared a very animated postcard from an alumnus who is thriving in Hollywood. Joe Correll, Mattatuck Community College alumnus, is a screen writer/producer who gratefully acknowledges the difference that NVCC made in his life.


Dear NVCC Friends,

Just want you to know, NVCC is a great start. A great place to begin. Whether you decide to become a teacher at Kennedy High School, a nurse at Waterbury Hospital, or a fashion designer in Paris, the lessons you're learning right now will stay with you for years to come. “Follow Your Dreams” seems like a really awful cliché, especially coming from someone who makes his living moving words and pictures around like the squares on a Rubik's Cube. But clichés are clichés because they're true. And sometimes the simplest thing is the best thing to say. So at the risk of embarrassing myself, I'll say it: Study hard. Graduate. Follow your dreams. 

To get any place great, you need a great start. And I got that start with humble beginnings in the fledgling theater department back in the dark ages (1981), when NVCC was still Mattatuck Community College. I don’t know how things are now, but there was not a lot of money in that department back then. Dr. Fred Ricci, Professor of Theater, and Bill Cone—I'll call him Artistic Director because I feel like that’s what he was—taught me you can make something wonderful with few resources and a lot of creativity. We put on shows in a tiny theater built in a converted classroom. That “show-must-go-on” attitude has stayed with me all these years, and I bring it to every project I work on.  

I live in Los Angeles. Tinsel Town. La La Land. Hollyweird. You might glimpse my name at the end of a reality TV show (Don’t Blink). I have a really nice house—It was a dump when I bought it, and took loads of work—on a street where tons of films and TV shows you have definitely seen are filmed. Not as fun as it might sound. I’ve walked the red carpet at the Oscars several times. Not that I belong there. I just know people, who know people, which is what LA is all about. My sister tells me people would love to have my life. And, yeah, it’s pretty great most of the time. 

I’m not trying to brag. The life I have did not come easy. I’ve lived with rats and roaches crawling around my bed at night. I’ve slept on piles of mattresses with my dog to keep me warm. It’s taken thirty-plus years to get here. But I wouldn’t be sitting in my pool under palm trees with a margarita in my hand, if it hadn’t been for NVCC. 

Best wishes to you,



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Community Artist and Instructor Reflects on Career, Art 8 February 2018

Community Artist and Instructor Reflects on Career, Art

Pasquale Joseph (Joe) DeCicco, an English adjunct at NVCC since 1989, is known for his relief carvings that grace many of the College’s walls. Prior to NVCC, DeCicco taught at Waterbury’s Crosby High School for 25 years. Aside from his love of education, DeCicco enjoys creating art for colleagues and the community. “I’m inspired by the idea of beauty,” he said. Last year, the Vatican accepted Joe’s gift of a relief carving depicting the face on the Shroud of Turin and sent Joe a “Thank You” from Pope Francis’ secretary. He also has carvings that were accepted by the past and present White House administrations.  A wood bas relief with acrylics of Abraham Lincoln created by DeCicco is included in the Spring 2018 NVCC Faculty Art show which is currently on display in the Community Room in Founders Hall.

All-College Meeting Opens Spring Semester 8 February 2018

All-College Meeting Opens Spring Semester

Naugatuck Valley Community College faculty and staff gathered for the beginning of semester All-College Meeting on February 2 in the community room located in the Center for Health Sciences in Founders Hall. The agenda included a welcome from NVCC President Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D. and updates from NVCC’s Honors Program as well as various units across the College. Highlights of ongoing programs and initiatives such as the development of a Center for Racial Dialogue and Communal Transformation, opening of an on-campus Food Pantry, efforts to engage in Opioid Abuse Prevention, and establishment of Smoke Free Campuses and the Vanguard Leadership Academy were also shared.



Graduate of Nursing Program Pays it Forward for Nursing Students 6 February 2018

Graduate of Nursing Program Pays it Forward for Nursing Students

NVCC Alumna Donation Supports Single Mothers Pursuing Nursing Degrees

Mari-jean Morelli, a 2006 graduate of the College’s Nursing Program and former Saint Mary’s Hospital Emergency Room Nurse, donated $10,000 to create an endowment to support scholarships for single mothers in NVCC’s Nursing program.

Advice for the Young Movers and Shakers of Waterbury 6 February 2018

Advice for the Young Movers and Shakers of Waterbury

NVCC President Gives Keynote Speech to Young Professionals

NVCC hosted the Young Professionals of Waterbury Region’s (YPOWR) “Influential Business CEO Speaker Series,” on January 25. The theme of the series this year was “Community Cornerstones and Driving Change in Higher Education.”

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