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Spring 2016 New Student Orientation

Welcome to Naugatuck Valley Community College---We welcome you, dear students, and your family and significant others to our campus.  I hope you’ve had a chance to visit our beautiful facilities and to interact with our faculty and staff.

This is the first day of the rest of your life---You are here, you have taken a decisive step towards a better future---what better place is there to be---NVCC –beautiful grounds; state of the art facilities, and the best and richest array of academic programs of all community colleges in CT-from to Engineering; Business, Education, Criminal Justice, Hospitality Management, Math and Sciences, stellar  Health Science programs, State of the Art Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center and manufacturing experience, beautiful arts facilities, music, digital arts, dance and theater programs, the best Child Development Center and Early Childhood Education program and many more but above all, generous and talented faculty, staff and administration who care about your education 

We take pride in our student-centered approach---Student Success is Our Expectation and we will work hard to make it so.  We also need for you to engage in a thoughtful and practical way in achieving your success…You will hear sound advice this evening, pay attention.  Over three decades of experience in higher education have taught me that it is about discipline, persistence and hard work. Stay the course to build a better tomorrow.

We are challenged today more than ever to embrace the value of life in all its manifestations:  human and all of nature.  The twenty-first century challenges us to engage in a respectful relationship with the planet we inhabit and a nurturing relationship with one another.  

Please begin your semester, mindful of the need to engage in the learning process and plan to use the degree or certificate you will earn, and all the knowledge and skills you will attain to contribute generously and in meaningful ways to the communities you inhabit and to the larger world family.  We are all expected to make this a better world for our children and our children’s children, and for all who come after us.  Enjoy widening your circle of compassion and action!

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