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Facilities Master Planning at NVCC

Dreaming Big, Working Hard and Moving Forward for a Higher Purpose

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Committee on Facilities Master Plan at NVCC.  Your talent, expertise, generosity, creativity and care for our students and the communities we serve are assets to our beloved NVCC.  As promised, please see below a summary of the remarks I made this week as we launched the work of the committee. 

On Facilities Master Planning:

We will be engaging in a rich conversation around planning for the next decade for Naugatuck Valley Community College.  What does the future bring?  What will it look like?  How will the geography of space support academic programs and student life and services?

As we consider the grounds, what promise do they hold for integrating multiple disciplines, spiritual tranquility and bringing rich, intellectual, artistic and cultural life to the college?  Let us consider the Glacier Ridge Trail.  How can it support educational experiences for students in our Horticulture, Environmental Studies, the Arts, Literature or Philosophy?  What about our gardens, the plazas, the Poet’s Circle?  How can integrating the outdoors and life indoors result in a more powerful and rich experience for our students and for all of us?  How should campus security be more fully integrated at the same time that we integrate spaces?  What about ADA compliance on campus?  How would renovations and changes to be proposed support our students’ needs?

What about the house of knowledge, our library-what does the library of the future look like?  What about quiet spaces? What would be the role of technology? Will it create opportunities to foster the life of reflection and the love of books?  What is the best place to locate the Student Bookstore?

How about the areas of support for our students- are they appropriate? Does the ACE, for instance, have the space and configuration required to continue to sustain substantial student academic support?  Is the CAPSS configured in a way that supports our students’ needs? How about recreation areas and the cafeteria-how suitable are these spaces for the number of students enrolled at the College?   Spaces for socialization-how could they be configured to encourage a healthy and engaging student life on campus?  How do we accommodate the growing need of students to remain on campus and find quiet spaces and supportive study areas?   How will the “learning commons on Fifth Avenue” evolve? Where else on campus could they also flourish?  What about the arts?  Are the theaters sufficient to support a thriving theater, music, dance and visual and digital arts experience for our students?  Would we need an art gallery? Where would it be?

What about the science laboratories?  What would they need to enter the 21st century?  What is the suitability of the Astronomy observatory? Is our wonderful Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center in need of other support?  How are we integrating the work now taking place to renovate Founders Hall and create a Center for Health Sciences to the planning?  What is the role of technology in facilitating the teaching and learning process? In what form is technology best suited to support our work? What is the shelf-life of technology and how do we plan for what the future will hold?

How about our need to engage with the public school system?  Our obligation to create an environment here that would be conducive for underrepresented students to engage with the campus and with some of the most vibrant and growing fields study, otherwise known as STEM.

My dear colleagues and friends, thank you for taking the time to read my words.  I look forward to your participation and creative and generous support.   Mil gracias y bendiciones.

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