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A degree in Human Services will enhance your skills and increase your marketability in this growing field. What is Human Services?

Individualize your degree

You may choose from various specialized courses that focus on children, adolescents, the disabled and elders. Specialize Certificates are also available to you focusing on; Gerontology, Disabilities/Mental Health, Child and Family Services and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Our Graduates are Successful!

You will have experiences giving you opportunities to get hired as a youth counselor, paraprofessional, substance abuse counselor, mentor, residential assistant, case aide, employment counselor, social services assistant, and elderly support services.

Success Stories

Dexter David Rodriguez

"Upon entering the Human Services/Pre-Social Work program at Naugatuck Valley Community College, my experience and knowledge about this field of study was limited as was my exposure. The Human Services/Pre-Social Work courses that I took not only taught me the fundamentals about the field, but it set the foundation for the course work that came ahead as I entered the Social Work program at Southern Connecticut State University. Having a solid year ahead of some of the other students in the Social Work program allowed me to excel. The Fieldwork and Interviewing courses were especially critical in my educational growth because they allowed me to utilize theory and practice in the field under the supervision of a Human Services professional. I currently hold a full time position at Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc. as a program coordinator for their Making-A-Connection Mentoring Program and I am preparing to attain my Masters Degree in Social Work after I complete my undergraduate degree at Southern Connecticut State University. The Human Services Program at Naugatuck Valley Community College not only prepared me for what came ahead in my educational endeavors but the Professors at this institution were excellent assets as they pushed, not only me, but all of their students to be the best they can be. "

Karen O'Brien, A.S., B.S.W.

"Going to NVCC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The professors were passionate about the topics they taught and showed a genuine interest in their students’ ability to learn and understand the subject. Many went above and beyond, staying after or before class or emailing when they were not on campus to ensure my successful attainment of the course material. Going to a community college was also a very wise decision financially, as I saved many thousands of dollars. As a student who transferred to a 4-year college after completing an A.S., I cannot understand why anyone would not choose to go to a community college first. Furthermore, for all of the non-traditional students with work and/or family obligations, NVCC offers flexible class schedules as well as many online prerequisite courses. I highly recommend NVCC and I am proud to be an alumni of such a fine college."

Sarah Kelly: A.S., B.S.W.

"The human services faculty at NVCC gave me the guidance I needed to succeed in college. Their passion for the profession inspired me to pursue a bachelor's degree in social work at Western Connecticut State University once I completed my associate degree at NVCC. The transition to a four-year college was scary at first but I found myself well-prepared for their program. Now I have graduated and am about to begin a master's program for social work at Boston University. The roots I developed at NVCC have continued to sustain my growth as a professional and as a person."

Program Coordinator
Kathleen A Leblanc
203-596-8616 (p)
Room: K617
What is Human Services?
What is Human Services?