Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

Certificate Program

Manufacturers are one of the most sought-after workers in Connecticut. Recently, there were 22,000 job openings for manufacturers in Connecticut, making it the fourth largest hiring sector in the state.

For workers with experience in manufacturing, it presents an opportunity to modernize your skill sets, making you more attractive to employers in today’s job market. If you’re new to the workforce, the AMMT certificate will have you confident and prepared to work in a manufacturing environment in one year. Regardless of your background, AMMT staff will be ready at the end of your program to connect you with employers.

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Classes located in Waterbury and Danbury

The 2017/2018 Certificate Programs begin as follows:

  • Waterbury
    • Fall semester 2017 - One year day program
    • Spring semester 2018 - One year evening program
  • Danbury
    • Fall semester 2016 - Two year evening program
    • Spring semester 2017 – Two year evening program
Advanced Manufacturing - Make It. Here.

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please contact Deirdre D’Amore at 203-575-8014.

Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology

Course No. Title Credits
MFG*H124 Blueprint Reading I 2
MFG*H151 Mfg Machinery – Drill Press 1
MFG*H152 Mfg Machinery – Grinding 2
MFG*H153 Mfg Machinery – Bench Work 2
MFG*H154 Mfg Machinery – Lathe I 2
MFG*H155 Mfg Machinery – Milling I 2
MFG*H156 Mfg Machinery – CNC I 2
  Directed Elective† 3
  Total Credit Hours 16
MFG*H105 Manufacturing Math II 3
MFG*H125 Blueprint Reading II 3
MFG*H254 Mfg Machinery – Lathe II 3
MFG*H255 Mfg Machinery – Milling II 3
MFG*H256 Mfg Machinery – CNC II 3
  Directed Elective† 3
MFT*H5238 Career Development (non-credit course)  
MFT*H5239 CNC Projects (non-credit course)  
  Total Credit Hours 18
Directed Electives†:
CAD*H110 Introduction to CAD  
CAD*H150 CAD 2D  
QUA*H114 Principles of Quality Control  
  Total Credit Hours 34

So what is it?

Students working toward an AMMT certificate will take classes in the new NVCC Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, where they will find hands-on access to state-of-the-art machining technology in an environment that simulates an actual shop floor. This means upon completion of the certificate, you will have had direct experience with the machines you will use in the workforce as well as the classroom time necessary to help you understand the theory behind the work.

AMMT classes are:

30% traditional in-class studies, where you’ll learn how to read blueprints, design in CAD and master the mathematical formulas necessary for entry-level work

70% hands-on laboratory experience working directly with machines

When you’re done, you’ll be prepared to work as an inspector, machine operator, CNC operator and more.

Expected annual earnings by education:

No degree, certificate or job training $17,160 (min. wage)
Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology Level II Certificate $31,000
Associate of Science in manufacturing through the College of Technology $44,000
Associate of Science in manufacturing + a Bachelor of Science in manufacturing $65,000

Did you know...

Fact - Manufacturing supports an estimated 17 million jobs in the U.S.

Fact - Connecticut manufacturing workers earn an average of $1,000 per week.

Fact - There are almost 5000 manufacturing companies in Connecticut.

Fact - Connecticut manufacturing employees are 20% more productive than competing states.

Fact - Manufacturing creates a wide range of advanced technologies that cut energy use and lead to a cleaner environment.

Fact - Manufacturing is a knowledge-based industry powered by computer technology.

Fact - Enroll in a Manufacturing Center program and earn your Advanced Manufacturing Certificates in just two semesters.

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Manufacturing is a smart career choice with major earning potential.

Program Coordinator

Deirdre D’Amore
203-575-8014 (p)
203-596-8674 (f)
Room T619
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT  06708

Waterbury Information Sessions

Technology Hall
Room T515

9/26 2:15 pm
10/17 5:30 pm
10/31 2:15 pm
11/14 5:30 pm
11/28 2:15 pm
12/5 5:30 pm
12/12 2:15 pm
12/12 5:30 pm
12/19 2:15 pm
1/9 2:15 pm
1/9 5:30 pm
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