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Cast and Crew of Comedy of Errors

Theater offers a challenging course of study to both new and experienced theater artists.

In contrast to most large universities, our students have many opportunities early in their study to assume a variety of production roles, spanning the entire gamut from acting to set design. The hands-on experience you build here at NVCC will form an excellent foundation for entry-level jobs or transfer to a four-year program.

Through a combination of classroom training, production experience opportunities and community service outreach, you will develop the creative and intellectual potential that lead to individual, artistic and professional development.

Earn an Associate Degree or take a Course or two

Degree Programs


Introduction to Theater
3 cr. Credits

A survey of the historical development of Western dramatic literature from the Greeks to the present. This course also explores the essential hands-on components of the theater, including playwriting, acting, design, and crew, utilizing both creative and analytical projects.

Acting I
3 cr. Credits

A practical approach to the art of acting, with special attention to the development of the actor's instrument, including voice, body, the senses, creativity, and interpretation. The course combines individual and group exercises and assignments.

3 cr. Credits

This course will examine the basic components of stagecraft and production techniques, with a focus on set construction and painting, lighting, properties, costumes, and production management. The course involves classroom study but includes hands-on application on stage productions. Three laboratory hours required.

Theater Practicum I
3 cr. Credits

This course involves students in play production. Such areas as set construction, lighting, costuming, box office, running crew and stage managing will be explored through the process of rehearsing and mounting a play for performance. Three lab hours required.

Acting II
3 cr. Credits

Prerequisite: THR*H110. A continuation of the practical approach to the art of acting as outlined in Acting Techniques I. Emphasis on scene study and character development. Three additional rehearsal hours required.

3 cr. Credits

Prerequisite: THR*H101 and THR*H110. Basic methods and techniques in directing a play, with special emphasis on script analysis, methods of rehearsing, and working with actors. Assignment directing short scenes. Three rehearsal/laboratory hours required.

Musical Theater Production
3 cr. Credits

Prerequisite: by audition for performers. The practical application and collaboration of several performance areas and/or technical skills as they relate directly to a musical theater production. Areas include: acting, singing, dancing; set construction, lighting crew, sound crew, costume crew and stage management.

3 cr. Credits

Prerequisite: ENG *H102. The study of dramatic literature, analysis and critical writings about the great plays from the canon of world drama. Works to be read include plays by Euripedes, Shakespeare, Molière, Isben, Chekov, Williams, and Hansberry.

Theater Practicum II
3 cr. Credits

Prerequisite: THR*H190 or permission of instructor. This course provides a continuation of the activities as described in THR*H190, with an emphasis on either selected styles and methods, or playwriting and performance. Three lab hours required.

Theater Practicum III
3 cr. Credits

Prerequisite: THR*H290. This course provides a further continuation of the activities as described in THR*H290, with an emphasis on either selected styles and methods, or playwriting and performance as determined by the instructor. Three lab hours required.