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Your life will probably not be the same after taking a sociology course at NVCC as a result of the increased awareness that you will gain. Through these courses, you will learn how sociologists view the world, the events occurring in it and even individual and seemingly peculiar behavior. After learning about the sociological perspective, you will understand a lot more about your life and the lives of those around you.

A Window to the World - Past, Present and Future…

We offer a range of courses to prepare you to understand how and why people and countries interact with each other the way they do. Our courses will provide you with:

  • an excellent education - these are essential disciplines comprising a well-rounded general education curriculum.
  • maximum transferability - all courses offered in these areas are transferable to universities and colleges both in and out of the state.
Earn an Associate Degree, Certificate or take a Course or two

Degree Programs

The requirements for the following degrees allow you to transfer seamlessly to most four-year colleges and to successfully complete your bachelor's degree in sociology without loss of credit or time.

Associate of Science Degree in Behavioral Science
Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences