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Psychology is a scientific discipline that studies mental processes and behavior in humans and animals.

Even though it is one of the newest branches of science, psychology seeks to answer questions that have existed since the beginning of human history. Through the psychology courses offered at NVCC, you will gain an understanding of why people think, act and feel the way they do.

Because of an abundance of psychological issues in our everyday lives and the world at large, psychology provides a foundation of knowledge and a method of inquiry that benefits students who want to work in fields as far ranging as clinical and counseling settings, medicine, law, politics, education, and business.

Earn an Associate Degree, Certificate or take a Course or two

Degree Programs

The requirements for a degree in behavioral science allow you to transfer seamlessly to most four-year colleges and to successfully complete your bachelor's degree in psychology without loss of credit or time.

Associate of Science Degree in Behavioral Science


The Mind Matters

(pictured from left to right) Psychology Professors Sandra Valente, Kim O'Donnell, Angela Tiru, and Larry Venuk

Developing an understanding of human thinking and behavior has never been more important and our Psychology faculty wants to help you unlock the mysteries of the human mind.

Psychology at NVCC is learning for the real world.  In our courses, you will develop the foundation you need to understand the self and others and develop the knowledge and experiences you will need to be successful in a wide range of personal and professional pursuits.  Relationships, parenting, education, mental health, working, leadership, service…the list of ways you can use your learning is practically endless.

Beyond the Classroom

Psychology at NVCC is not just classroom theory or boring facts.  Our students have the opportunity to put their learning into action. NVCC is the only community college in the nation that has a behavioral “rat lab” where you can deepen your ;understanding of learning and behavior. Through the Psychology Club, you would have the opportunity to conduct meaningful research and make professional presentations at regional conferences.

For those who want to go further…

If you’re planning to earn a degree in psychology, then the behavioral science program is your best choice of major at NVCC. The behavioral science program is for students who intend to pursue a bachelor's degree in one of the behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, or anthropology). It will provide you with the foundation for an education in psychology, while also ensuring a more general education in the arts and sciences. With the behavioral science degree, you will be able to transfer easily to most four-year colleges and to successfully complete your degree in psychology without loss of credit, time or money.