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In order to understand the modern world, you need to understand the past. From American and European History to African American History to Women’s History, we offer a wide range of history courses. If you wish to pursue a career as a historian, our courses will provide you with an excellent foundation. Even if you do not plan to pursue a history related career, our courses will help you thrive as a citizen in the 21st century.  In addition to gaining an understanding of the people, diverse cultures, and current issues and events, you will also begin to learn how to critically analyze, evaluate and interpret information – skills necessary for living in the modern world.

Earn an Associate Degree, Certificate or take a Course or two

Degree Programs

The requirements for a degree in liberal arts and sciences allow you to transfer seamlessly to most four-year colleges and to successfully complete your bachelor's degree in history without loss of credit or time. 

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences


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