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Why study English, you ask?

Language is at the heart of our humanity. It informs who we are, what we do and what we want our lives to be about.

Studying language gives you the opportunity to master the allied skills of thinking, reading and writing.

  • Courses in composition help you to manage the language.
  • Courses in literature encourage you to appreciate the full range of human expression, enhancing your engagement with words and the world.

These foci cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, foster a critical and creative engagement with language and literature, and allows teachers, scholars, writers and professionals to emerge as individuals capable of contending with the complexities of our world.

Earn an Associate Degree, Certificate or take a Course or two

Degree Programs

The requirements for the liberal arts degree allow you to transfer seamlessly to most four-year colleges and to successfully complete your bachelor's degree in communication without loss of credit or time. 

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences