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Computer Science

Computer science courses span from basic computer applications such as Microsoft Work and Excel to more extensive learning in database management and advanced applications. Computer science serves as a foundation for much of our work in the modern world, regardless of career. For this reason, many degree programs at the College require you to take at least one computer science course.

Earn an Associate Degree, Certificate or take a Course or two

Degree Programs

Certificate Programs


Introduction to Software Applications
3 Credits

Prerequisites: Successful completion of ASD-H97, ENG*H063, and MAT*H095; successful completion of placement tests. The computer plays a significant role as a productivity tool in many fields of study and in business. This course introduces the student to the basics of how to use computers as a tool rather than how computers work. It offers instruction and practice on the use of personal computers and a variety of application software. Included is work on word processing, spreadsheets, the operating system, and internet browsing. Basic computer science topics are included to the extent that they support the applications approach. A significant amount of lab work outside of class time is required.

Spreadsheet Applications
3 Credits

Prerequisites: CSA*105 with a grade of “C” or better. The course centers on the use of the current version of MS Excel at an advanced level. Other spreadsheets will be examined, (including online-based versions) as well as the exploration of online collaboration (in Wiki fashion). The instructional methodology will consist of exploring and applying advanced spreadsheet concepts to everyday situations and problems as presented in the textbook and as created by the instructor for the class. These are selected examples: Web query (getting data from a Web site directly into Excel), Goal seek, Excel database concepts, multilevel sorts, subtotals feature, Auto Filter, templates, converting table into a range, adding calculated fields to a table, drilling entries, 3-D references, linking workbooks, advanced functions..

Advanced Applications
3 Credits

Prerequisites: CSA*105 with a grade of “C” or better. This is a hands-on course that focuses on the advanced use of commonly used Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and the integration of these). The following are selected examples of skills and concepts learned in this class: 1) WORD: inserting “quick parts,” advanced mail merges, adding editing comments, using the “Track Changes” feature, inserting bookmarks and hyperlinks, and creating equations; 2) EXCEL: protecting worksheet in various ways, creating and modifying Excel tables, creating custom filters, and using advanced analysis tools, applying advanced functions; 3) ACCESS: creating tables using correct field types and properties, creating calculated fields, forms, reports, and sophisticated queries; 4) INTEGRATION: combining data and graphs in various ways using paste options, importing files from external applications, and exporting files in various formats.

Computer Applications in Management & Marketing
3 Credits

Prerequisite: CSA*H105 with a grade of “C” or better, BMK*H201 or BMG*H202. Designed for the career track business student, this course will supply a strong background in the computer skills necessary and useful in business/management and marketing. Specific applications will be based on IBM compatible machines using the Windows Environment, and will include work on business presentations, preparation of brochures, project scheduling, workgroup computing, and business on the internet. Additional topics will be considered.