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Transfer directly to a university business school, earn an associate degree in a specialized business area, gain general business training in an online or accelerated format or simply taking courses for professional development. You will find a wide variety of courses available at NVCC to meet your needs.

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Introduction to Business
3 Credits

A survey of the fundamental principles of business will be discussed including marketing, management, finance, accounting, and human resource development. This course is required for most students majoring in business.

Business Communication
3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG*H101. This course is an analytical approach to the development of content in business writing with emphasis on the relationship of creative and logical thinking to the solution of business problems through concise, coherent written and oral communications.

Business Law I
3 Credits

The legal rights, duties, and responsibilities of the business person are examined. Topics include a general introduction to the meaning and nature of the law, and the structure of the American legal system. Emphasis is placed upon the basic principles of the law of contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, agency, real property, wills, and decedent’s estates.

Global Business
3 Credits

This course provides an introduction to the nature and Environment of international business. Topics will include the nature of international business, international organizations and monetary systems, foreign Environments and management tools necessary for international business opportunities and operations. Social, political and economic factors which impact on international business interactions are also studied.

Business Law II
3 Credits

This course further develops and examines the American legal system, as well as the international legal system. Topic include the uniform Commercial Code, ethics, consumer protection laws, secured transactions, intellectual property law, corporate law, partnership law, limited liability companies and numerous aspects of international law. It is recommended that Business Law I be taken before Business Law II.

Small Business Management
3 Credits

This course is designed to assist students with the knowledge and skills needed to operate and/or develop a small business. Emphasis will be placed on the entrepreneurial aspects of creating, managing, and gaining profit from a small business.

3 Credits

Basic principles underlying the sales process and their practical application to sales situations are studied. Economics and psychological and sociological relationships in the marketplace, as they apply to sales of industrial and consumer goods and intangibles, are examined.

Supervision and Organizational Behavior
3 Credits

Prerequisite: BMG*H202. Emphasis on the latest developments in the fields of management. Group discussions of case studies and problem are included. Also, emphasis on group work and the use of the computer as an aid in the decision-making process in a micro-organizational settings is included. Additional software may be required.

Principles of Management
3 Credits

This course deals with management theory, science, and practice. Consideration is given to management thought and analysis. The external Environment, both domestic and international, is reviewed as well as the major functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling business. The coordinating function of the business manager is considered. Decision-making processes and techniques are also stressed.

Human Resources Management
3 Credits

Prerequisites: BBG*H101. This course deals with personnel management in the process of manpower administration in the business organization. Treatment is given to procurement and human resource utilization and the role of labor unions in the industrial organization. The development of the role of the person and personality amidst the various social sciences and organization structures required to achieve an organization’s goals are studied – as in motivation.

Principles of Marketing
3 Credits

This course deals with the marketing function of the firm primarily from the management standpoint. Topics include marketing strategy, new products, channels of distribution, pricing, and promotion. The function of the marketing institution in economic and social context is considered.

Internet Marketing
3 Credits

Develop a working knowledge of the World Wide Web as a marketing vehicle providing fast/efficient electronic commerce and the ability to manage the Internet marketing process for a small to medium-sized business enterprise. Internet is fast becoming the ultimate distribution system to disseminate marketing data, identify/segment customers to provide sales force attention, customer service activity, and ordering. Electronic Commerce Marketing Principles will prepare a student to intelligently apply the Marketing Mix disciplines and concepts to a company’s products/services in order to effectively prepare and execute “Marketing Plans” participating in the growing “electronic commerce” segment of business.

Business Finance

Principles of Finance
3 Credits

This introductory course will provide an understanding of the role of finance in the economy, business management, government and consumer financing. Included are the fiscal, monetary and debt management policies of government.

Financial Management
3 Credits

Prerequisite: BFN*H201 or permission of Division Director. This course is an in-depth study of finance including the mathematics of finance, corporate securities; also included are short, intermediate and long term sources of funds; and liabilities, income administration, mergers and acquisitions, and working capital.

Real Estate Principles
3 Credits

Prerequisite: BFN*H201, Real Estate License or permission of Division Director. The topics studied in this course include fundamentals of mortgage, deeds, loan applications, real estate credit, mortgage markets, and current legislation affecting real estate finance.

Investment Principles
3 Credits

This course gives a broad perspective on investment objectives and values, as well as a study of securities, market and values. A study of securities, market procedures, analytical techniques, speculative and institutional markets is also included.

Real Estate Law
3 Credits

This course examines the legal Environment of real estate including contracts, deeds, instruments, easements, estates in land, zoning, tenants, liens, foreclosure, transfers of titles, leases, and relevant court rulings. (LGL*H104 is a substitution for this course.)