Aviation Science

In the aviation science program, you'll have the opportunity to develop a diverse set of interests that will support your quest for a fulfilling career in air traffic control, airport operations, airline management, maintenance and piloting an aircraft.

You may discover that you are interested in the professional development aspects of the field, working with crews on the ground as well as in the air. You may enjoy a mechanically focused career that enables you to develop new aeronautical technology or improve aircraft designs. You may choose a niche field, such as aerial photography for cartographers or aerial firefighting. You could even find yourself piloting a spacecraft for NASA.

From an employer's point of view, a degree from a certified aviation science program shows a high level of commitment to the field. Most commercial airlines prefer applicants with college degrees. If you are already a licensed pilot, flight time and certificates can be counted towards your degree, saving both time and money.

Degrees and Certificates

Next Steps

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