Automotive Technician

AT accommodates both full and part-time students. Our instructors bring real life experience to the classroom and share the same passion for the automobile as you do.

You will be taught using the most modern equipment, from Hunter, Snap-On, MAC, OTC and many more.

Our curriculum is constantly updating to stay current with the latest developments from all the O.E.M.'s and manufacturers of aftermarket equipment.

Your career

No matter what happens in the economy, you will still see vehicles on the road. What does this mean for you?

As a trained automotive technician with the right skills you will always be in demand. With the right training, you will find yourself in a financially and emotionally rewarding career.

In addition to your future stability, you'll also enjoy the day-to-day satisfaction of working with your hands. If you don't mind getting a little dirt and grease under your nails from time to time, this might be just the job field you've been waiting for.

Degrees and Certificates

Next Steps

  1. Apply to Naugatuck Valley Community College.
  2. Send in required documents.
  3. Take the placement test.

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