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Anthropology and Archaeology

  • What are humans?
  • Where do you, as humans, come from, both biologically and geographically?
  • How does where you come from affect how you think, what you believe and how you act? 
  • Why are people in different places so different? And in what ways people are all the same? 

In anthropology courses at NVCC, you will learn the answers to these questions and more. You'll also get more than theory - you can “get your hands dirty” at the college’s on-campus archaeological site.

Earn an Associate Degree, Certificate or take a Course or two

Degree Programs

The requirements for the following degrees allow you to transfer seamlessly to most four-year colleges and to successfully complete your bachelor's degree in anthropology without loss of credit or time.

Associate of Science Degree in Behavioral Science
Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences


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