Never Forgotten

We typically remember anniversaries only on their respective dates. But when it comes to tragedies like 9/11, we remember every day. The Sandy Hook...

1 Apr 2016

1 Apr 2016

Life on the Spectrum

Disorders on the autistic spectrum can seem very scary to those who do not know what they truly are. Through popular media, this not-so-rare condition has taken on a very negative meaning. For the most part, autism spectrum disorders are nothing like what is seen on television or in movies.
Author: Christopher Gordon
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1 Apr 2016

Autism Speaks. Listen!

Over this past summer, I had the opportunity, for two weeks, to work with kids with disabilities. My “friends” as we called them, were all unique. Some were quiet, but most were joyous, excited, and loving, open for everything in a no-holds-barred kind of way. I was a horse wrangler at this camp, and each day, I put kids on horses, some for their very first time.
Author: Jessica Ney
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1 Apr 2016

Called to Assist

Called to Assist
I have been working with people who have intellectual disabilities for the past seven years. This is a field in which many challenging obstacles arise. As a direct caregiver, I am responsible for assisting with daily tasks, such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, and medication distribution. As a result, this experience has taught me the struggles other individuals encounter daily. I have been determined to assist my clients in overcoming barriers they constantly face.
Author: Nicole Hayes
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1 Apr 2016

Value the Spectrum

An English professor at an open-access community college, I teach students across the widest possible spectrum—young/not-so-young, gifted/struggling, highly committed/completely disinterested. This range makes my job ever-fascinating, always challenging, filled with equal measures of joy and frustration. Within this broad range, I’ve encountered many students who occupy a more specific continuum, individuals with autism.
Author: Steve Parlato
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1 Apr 2016

A Place to Shine

When I first came to NVCC I felt the same as any other freshman would; I was scared. I didn’t know anyone or where anything was. Then, one of my friends said I should come to the theater department. My first thought was, Yeah right. I can’t act and I won’t ever try. I’d later come to realize it’s hard to say never in the theater department. At first, I felt like there was no way I’d have anything in common with anyone. I never took theater seriously and knew virtually nothing about it. I was worried it would be like a clique and no one would like me. I was immediately met with warm smiles and offers to help me find my way around the school. Since that first day nearly four semesters ago, I haven’t left.
Author: Marissa Ryan
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1 Apr 2016

Silence Speaks Volumes

National Day of Silence is a student-led protest against the abuse of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth in schools. Middle school through college age students participate in the national event. Students take a vow of silence for the day in order to spread awareness about silencing LGBT abuse. GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, sponsors the event. 
Author: Alyssa Katz
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1 Apr 2016

A State of Inequality

Recently, South Dakota was labeled as the most Anti-LGBT state in the union. One reason is that on January 27, 2016, the South Dakota House of Representatives passed Bill 1008, which impacted the lives of transgender students.
Author: Nicole Hayes
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1 Apr 2016

Mutually Beneficial

Mutually Beneficial
When focusing on educational and career paths, most consider degree program, elective courses, and internships. One often-overlooked detail is a guide in making decisions and connecting us to opportunities. Mentoring is an essential tool in reaching educational, personal, and professional goals. I’ve been blessed with three powerful mentors who helped shape and even alter my career choices. While I still benefit tremendously from these relationships, I cannot say I purposely sought them out. My decision not to seek a mentor early in my education and career has had lasting impacts—notably delaying opportunities I could have benefited from earlier.
Author: Bonnie Goulet
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1 Apr 2016

It’s soooo important!

To many people, voting is THE most sacred, most American activity. How incredible is it that you can go to your local school or fire station every two or four years to overthrow the government? Don’t like the incumbents, think they’re doing a poor job? Vote for someone else! It’s incredibly important. The problem is, its not important enough to people under 30.
Author: The Tamarack Staff
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