Campus Safety & Support Resources

Naugatuck Valley Community College is committed to providing a safe and encouraging intellectual environment for students and community members, with a focus on prevention and education that extends beyond the classroom.

The College offers a range of holistic services for special groups of students like those returning to college after military service, those with learning and/or physical disabilities, those from low-income households and first generation college students. We also host a number of clubs and associations whose members self-identify based on special interests, areas of study, religion, race and gender.

Non-Discrimination and human diversity

Notice of Non-Discrimination.

We value diversity at Naugatuck Valley Community College among our students, employees and community partners, knowing how differences in perspectives, experiences and abilities contribute to the rich fabric of our college and the ability to achieve its mission. Contact our Multicultural Coordinator through the Women's Center.

Sexual assault resources and support

The College has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. We urge you to report assaults against members of our community, and encourage those individuals dealing with trauma to seek the support and care they need. As we work to create a one-stop resource that will assist you in understanding and accessing the resources and support available to you and all members of our community, please contact Public Safety, the Dean of Student Services, a member of our counseling team or the Women's Center to start receiving support immediately. You can also view a list of sexual assault and domestic violence resources available in the community.

NVCC’s Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) is designed to provide a collaborative victim-centered team response to sexual assault. The mission of SART is to provide services that ensure a transition from victim to survivor for every individual whose life is impacted by sexual violence. SART members can provide a survivor with referrals and general information regarding sexual assault:

NVCC has also established the College Resource Team (CRT) to support victims and survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking and intimate partner violence. The College has partnered with Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury to provide educational resources and support to the campus community on these important issues:

Campus safety 

In order to facilitate a culture of openness and shared diversity, the College relies on a well-staffed Public Safety Department to monitor the campus environment and respond to potentially harmful activities. The Department supplies an annual campus crime report and provides one of multiple venues for students to report incidents on campus.

Community Resources

Food Assistance in CT:

CT Food Bank

SNAP Program

Food Stamps

Soup Kitchen, Homeless Shelter

Heath Care Insurance Assistance in CT

Buying First Home Assistance

Housing Assistance in CT:

Emergency Housing

Legal Aid in CT:

CT Legal Aid Program

Fuel and Utilities Assistance in CT:

Fuel Assistance By Town
Utilities Assistance
Call: 211 or on the web at: