Work Study

Under the Federal work study program, a student can work part time to earn money for your education.  The FWS program provides part-time employment to students who are enrolled in the college and demonstrate financial need as defined in the FAFSA application.

Information on applying for Financial Aid and work study eligibility can be found online at


Work Study Job Process – Students

Once a student receives confirmation of their work study eligibility and has completed all paperwork with Financial Aid he/she must register for College Central Network (CNN),, indicating that they are seeking a work study position.  During the registration process students are encouraged to post a resume or Job Skills Worksheet.  Once registered, a student may search CCN for work study job postings.

There are a limited number of work study positions available each year, students should be sure to register as soon as possible after receiving their eligibilty confirmation.

A student will make a list of the job(s) in which he/she is interested and contact the designated employee in the department to arrange an interview.

If a student has made multiple interview appointments and is hired before attending all of them, he/she must be sure to cancel all remaining interview appointments.

A student who does not find a position during the first round of interviews may search CCN for additional positions.

When a student has been hired and has accepted the position he/she must report it to Financial Aid immediately to complete the process.  New work study participants are also required to report to Human Resources, after they have been hired, to complete necessary paperwork.



Work Study Job Process – College Departments and Off Campus Employers

Departments and off-campus employers should submit their Job Posting Requests to the Financial Aid Office by June 1 for the following fall semester.  The requests will be numbered and sent to the Job Placement Center for posting on College Central Network (CCN). 

Students will contact departments and employers to arrange interviews.  When a student is hired for an open position, the department/employer must immediately send the information to the Financial Aid Office.

Once a student is hired all communication concerning that student should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

The hiring department must notify JPC when a position has been filled.

At the end of the work study position departments and off-campus employers must supply Financial Aid with an evaluation of the student.

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