Student Assistants

Student Assistant positions are part time employment opportunities offered to currently enrolled students who are not covered by the Federal Work-Study program.  Working as a student assistant is not only a financial benefit, but also offers the opportunity to learn job skills and gain experience in a professional environment.

Student Assistant Process - Students

A student may not hold a student assistant position and a work study position at the same time.

A student interested in a student assistant position will register for College Central Network (CCN), indicating that he/she is looking for a student assistant position.  During the registration process students are encouraged to post a resume or Job Skills Worksheet.  Once registered students will then be able to search through the current postings.

The student will make a list of the job(s) in which they are interested and contact the designated employee in the department to set up an interview.  In some cases departments may prefer to contact students, who have registered with CCN indicating that they are seeking student assistant jobs, rather than having students contact them.  If that is the case, the information will be included in the job posting.  Please bring your resume or completed Job Skills Worksheet to the interview.

If a student has made multiple interview appointments and is hired before attending all of them, he/she must be sure to cancel all remaining interview appointments.

A student who does not find a position during the first round of interviews may search CCN for additional positions as they become available.

Once a student has been hired for a position he/she must report to Human Resources, Kinney Hall K704, to complete all necessary paperwork.   A student may not begin work until all paperwork has been received by HR and a Notice of Appointment has been sent to the student, signed and returned to HR.

Students are required to submit “student” time sheets on a bi-weekly basis to their department supervisors.  The time sheets will be signed and forwarded to Payroll.

Note: Please refer to the full Student Assistant Process for more information including Human Resource and Board Policies concerning the hiring and employment of Student Assistants.

Student Assistant Process – College Departments

All student assistant positions go through the budgeting process for approval.  Once a position is approved and the department is ready to hire a student assistant, a completed Job Posting Request Form will be forwarded by email ( ) or interoffice mail (L524) to the Job Placement Center for posting.

Before a student is hired the hiring department will confirm a student’s enrollment status per Board policy.

When a student is hired for an open position the department must immediately submit a PW, correctly coded and signed by the department dean, with a job description attached to Human Resources.  At the time of hire the student must be reminded to go to Human Resources, Kinney Hall K704, to complete the necessary paperwork.  A student may not begin work until all paperwork has been completed and a signed Notice of Appointment has been returned to Human Resources.

The department must also inform the JPC, at the time of hire, that a position had been filled so that it can be removed from the postings.

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