Last Updated Dec 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should I contact if I have a documented disability?
    • Learning Disabilities - Terry Latella, 203-596-8608
    • Physical Disabilities or Mental Health Disorders including Attention Deficit and Autism Spectrum Disorders - Laurie Novi, 203-575-8035.
  2. What are some of the academic accommodations that I can receive at NVCC?
    • The Office of Disability Services is committed to helping students make the most of their academic experience. As such, we provide a variety of different accommodations including, but not limited to: extended testing time, oral testing and assistive technology.  All services are free and each student is evaluated on an individual basis. Please visit the accommodations page for a more comprehensive list of available accommodations.
  3. I need to take a placement test (CLEP, TEAS, Accuplacer, etc.). Are accommodations available for these tests?
    • Yes, accommodations are available for test takers who complete the disability disclosure process prior to scheduling an appointment with the testing coordinator. Please see our home page for more information regarding accommodations and placement testing.
  4. When do I provide my documentation?
    • It is recommended that students submit their paperwork validating their disability upon enrollment at NVCC. They may submit documentation at a later date, however academic accommodations are not retroactive.
  5. Where would I take my exams with extended time?
    • Students receiving extended time will take their exams in the Disabilities Testing Room located in Kinney Hall, Room K519e.
  6. What do I need for verification of my documented disability?
  7. I already completed the disability disclosure process. How do I schedule an appointment to take an exam?
    • Contact the disabilities testing proctor by phone at 203-575-8161 or stop by Kinney Hall 519e.
  8. Does NVCC provide any tutoring services?
    • All students enrolled at NVCC are eligible for free tutoring services in the Academic Center for Excellence. Please note that these services are for all students and are not exclusive to those students with documented disabilities.
  9. What if I have other questions?
    • You can contact us or stop by the Office of Disability Services in Kinney Hall, Room K519.
Guide for Students With Disabilities

Naugatuck Valley Community College is committed to providing equal education opportunity and full participation for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), ADA Amendments Act of 2011, and Sections 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Download Guide.