Student Life

NVCC's Student Life At-a-Glance

A Beautiful Campus

If communing with nature is your thing, NVCC has 14 beautiful gardens in which to study, recharge, or meet with friends.

Get Involved

Whether it's interactive media, music, chess, participating in student government, or volunteering, our clubs offer dozens of ways for you to connect with other students that share your interests

Get in Shape or Stay in Shape

NVCC students, faculty and staff enjoy a free membership to our on-campus fitness center.

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A Dynamic Campus

Whether it’s hanging out at our “Coachella-themed” Spring Fling outdoor festival in May, participating in our quarterly open-mic night of poetry, “Confluencia,” checking out a dance performance by our Terpsichorean Dance Club, or being a member of NVCC’s martial arts club that piques your interest, there’s always something going on around campus, whatever your tastes or interests might be.

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

“To make the best of your college experience, I would recommend that you get involved: there are many activities on campus to attend and clubs to join. Also, there is so much opportunity. Even scholarships. I love this college and so will you.”

--Carlos Romero, VP of Student Government Association.

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A Home Away from Home

Many students say that what they love most about NVCC is that it is their home away from home. At NVCC, you’re not simply a commuter. Enjoy a relaxing coffee break at NVCC's Cafe West, work on that important end-of-the-semester paper at the learning commons or one of the carrels in library, or meet friends for a casual get-together at the Prism Lounge in the Student Center. This October, we'll be celebrating the unveiling and opening of the Joseph V. Faryniarz Quad--an open, outdoor space with a park-like feel where students can play a pick-up game of frisbee or enjoy meals at one of several picnic tables.

A Safe, Supportive, and Nurturing Atmosphere

A Safe, Supportive, and Nurturing Atmosphere

We are committed to providing a safe and encouraging intellectual environment for students and community members, with a focus on prevention and education that extends beyond the classroom. Some resources that students benefit from are: 

Student Life Highlight: Check Out Our Moves

NVCC students, faculty and staff, including those from the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), took to the halls of the school to pay an NVCC original homage to the song "Happy."

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