Resources for Your Students

We are here to help your students with career planning, resume writing, interview skills and finding jobs and internships. We can even arrange special workshops that meet the needs and schedules of your students. Just give us a call at 203.575.8158.

Resources for You

Do you need to find business and industry resources for your advisory boards or speakers for your classes? We can help you to connect with area businesses.

You can help us.

Please encourage your students to:

  • Utilize our services and check our job postings.
  • Collect information and explore career options early in their college education.
  • Join community organizations that will help them to investigate careers and develop skills for future employment.
  • Pursue internships or other practical experiences during college.
  • Develop portfolios that document their accomplishments, course work and experiences.
  • Participate in on-campus recruitment interviews for internships or career employment.

We encourage you to:

  • Be a mentor, be willing to share your experiences and help students make contacts with professionals in your field.
  • Refer students to our office for assistance with career services or job search issues.
  • Visit our office yourself or contact us whenever you have questions, would like to talk about collaborative ventures or need more information.
  • We always seek to expand our contacts and networks. If you have contacts in business and industry, please let us know.
  • Ensure that the degrees and certificates listed on your department web pages are accurate, up to date and reflect the outcomes/competencies that graduates are expected to possess. We encourage employers to review these to learn what NVCC students have to offer.

Please consider this an open invitation to connect with us!

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