Criminal Justice, Cooperative Education Work Experience, CJS*H293

Cooperative Education Work Experience is a mandatory, three-credit course for the Criminal Justice degree and certificate programs.

What do students need in order to take the course?

  • GPA 2.0 minimum
  • Completion of 24 credits
  • 12 credits in Criminal Justice with a “C” or better

What does the course consist of?

  • 145 hour work experience
  • Weekly Seminar
  • One Career Readiness Workshop

How do I begin the process?

  • Make an appointment with the Center for Job Placement and College Opportunities, L524
    203-575-8158 or

We will assist you to:

    • Sign up for a Career Readiness Workshop
    • Complete a resume
    • Select a placement
    • Prepare for an interview
Fall 2016

Career Readiness
Workshop Schedule

The Fall 2016 Career Readiness Workshop Schedule will be announced at the beginning of the fall semester.

*Career Readiness Workshops are for Human Service and Criminal Justice students only.  Registration is required.

L524, 5th Floor Walkway