Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS)

The Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS) believes that each learner has unique value and is entitled to be viewed as a whole person. Our professional counselors can help you with personal growth counseling, career development and academic development.

Academic Advising

Your academic advisor will help you to:

  • understand your major and its requirements
  • plan courses for the upcoming term(s)
  • consider career and job options for your major.

Personal Counseling

We will help you:

  • discuss your academic issues and dilemmas
  • make your life, career, and education decisions
  • develop better self-confidence
  • manage your stress
  • alleviate other personal barriers to your success in college
  • find referrals to outside agencies as needed.

Transfer Planning

If you are interested in transferring from NVCC to another college or university, we will help you:

  • acquire information about transferring through individual counseling
  • consider guaranteed admission programs
  • look at transfer articulations with other colleges
  • meet transfer counselors from other colleges and universities 
  • create a personalized pathway to earning a four-year degree.

Career Planning

Are you ready to start planning your career? You can:

Contact Information
203-575-8025 (p)
203-596-8610 (f)
Room: K520
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708