Withdrawing from a Class

Thinking about withdrawing from a course?

Know your options. Weigh the consequences. Follow the proper steps.

Know your options.

Common reasons for withdrawing from courses and where you can turn for help:

Reason Where to Get Help
illness instructor
serious illness Dean of Students
difficult courses ACE Center
child care Child Development Center
finances Financial Aid Office
work schedule conflict instructor or counselor
too many courses counselor
excessive absences instructor or counselor
personal problems instructor or counselor


Deciding whether to stay in a course or withdraw is an important decision and there are many factors to consider in making your choice. Before you withdraw, you should talk to your instructor about your current progress in the course and explore appropriate alternatives to withdrawal, such as receiving an incomplete grade (I) or making special arrangements to complete your assignments. Then, meet with your academic advisor or a counselor to discuss the information you received from your instructor along with your reasons for why you want or need to withdraw.

Weigh the consequences.

Important information to know about NVCC’s grading system:

Withdrawal (W) Student Initiated: Students have the right to formally leave a course or the College and the right to receive counseling and assistance in order to maintain enrollment in courses. Students are advised that course withdrawal may alter progress toward program completion. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their decisions with their instructor, counselor or advisor.

Incomplete (I): At the discretion of the instructor, the notation “I” may be assigned if a student, for extenuating circumstances, has not completed all course requirements. Usually, an “I” would be changed to a letter grade by the end of the next semester; however, the instructor has the option of establishing the completion date. If a grade change is not submitted to the Records Office by the instructor by the end of the semester following that in which the “I” was assigned, the “I” will be converted to an “F.”

It is important to know that courses from which you withdraw are not counted or audited as part of your academic load when full-time or part-time status is reported to the following:

    • Financial Aid Office
    • an employer
    • a health insurance carrier
    • Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • Department of Veterans Affairs.


No refund of tuition will be granted for either full-time or part-time students beyond the 14th calendar day of courses.

Installment Plan students may still owe a balance and should contact the Cashier’s Office first to determine the effect on your balance.

Financial aid /loan students may be subject to a financial aid award reduction. This can result in you owing money to the College. You must contact the Financial Aid Office in person or by calling 203-575-8008 before you reduce your course load.

Learn more info and important dates for NVCC's refund policy.

Follow the proper steps.

A registered student wishing to withdraw from a course must submit a withdrawal request, in writing, to the Records Office. Requests must be received by the deadline within the withdrawal period. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the withdrawal is received. Withdrawals can be made in person, by mail or online through your student account at myCommnet.edu. Visit your instructor, academic advisor or a counselor to discuss your withdrawal from a course.

  1. Students who plan to withdraw from any courses must also report to the Financial Aid Office for counseling prior to the actual course withdrawal.
  2. Be aware of the last day to initiate your withdrawal. View the refund policy online or visit the Record's Office.


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