Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

Federal Title IV and other financial aid recipients are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards the completion of a certificate or degree program of study.

What is SAP and what counts towards SAP?

SAP is an assessment of your cumulative academic record at the college.

You must successfully complete two-thirds (66.66%) of the credits that you attempt, even during periods in which you are not receiving financial aid.

Minimum GPA Required for SAP

Earned Credits 15.99 or less 16.00 or more
Minimum GPA 1.50 2.00


Examples of 66% Completion Rate

Credits Attempted 1-6 7-8 9 12 15 30 45 60
Minimum Credits Completed all 5 6 8 10 20 30 40

All attempted credits resulting in either an academic grade or administrative transcript notation will be included in this calculation, including:

  • final grades
  • incomplete courses
  • course withdrawals
  • course repetitions
  • noncredit remedial courses
  • transfer credits.

Too many I's, R's, X's, N's, W's, NC (NO CREDIT) may affect your eligibility.

What happens if I don't make SAP?

Your cumulative academic history will be evaluated prior to each term's financial aid disbursement.

If you do not maintain the minimum GPA (see above) you will be placed on probation or you will not be eligible for aid the following semester. If your aid is terminated,you will only be reinstated by showing SAP during the next semester.

How can I keep track of my SAP progress?

The Financial Aid Office will verify that you meet SAP requirements before it declares you eligible to receive aid. If you do not, you will be notified in writing.

You may request information and advisement concerning SAP at any time.

What is Financial Aid Probation?

Any student who fails to meet the minimum for SAP:

  • will be notified by the college that they have been placed on probation for the following semester of enrollment
  • must achieve the minimum SAP by the end of the probation period to have aid reinstated

Failure to meet the minimum SAP during the probationary period will result in loss of eligibility for future aid from the College.The Financial Aid Office will communicate the termination status to the student and provide Reinstatement and Appeal instructions.

Is there a Maximum number of Credit Hours I can earn while receiving financial aid?

A student may receive aid for any attempted credits in his/her program of study that do not exceed 150% of the published length of the student's educational program at the college.

  • a student enrolled in a 60-credit degree program may receive financial aid for a maximum of 90 attempted credit hours
  • a student enrolled in a 30-credit certificate program may receive financial aid for a maximum of 45 attempted credit hours.
All credits attempted will be included in the calculation, including extra courses that result, who pursue a double major or have already earned a degree.

Will my financial aid be impacted if I withdraw from a class?

Students should meet with the Financial Aid Office for counseling and/or adjustment to their award before withdrawing from any courses. Failure to meet with a financial aid representative may result in probation or suspension from financial aid until we have confirmation that SAP has been met for the semester.

Is there an SAP Appeal Process?

Students may appeal any decision under the SAP Policy. Appeals will be considered for emergency or extenuating circumstances, including:

  • illness or hospitalization
  • incapacitation
  • death or illness of a family member
  • other extenuating circumstances.

You must provide the Financial Aid Office with a written description of your reasons for appeal. You should also provide any supporting documents that may support your case.

If my financial aid is terminated, can I be reinstated?

You may request to be reinstated after termination from aid by going through the appeal process. Reinstatement will only be granted once. In order to be reinstated, you must:

  1. apply for an appeal
  2. pay for and successfully complete the same amount of credits of non-progress (not necessarily the same classes)
  3. earn at least a 2.0 grade point average
  4. achieve an overall completion record of 66% of all classes attempted.
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