Report a Crime

Last Updated Jul 2009

The Public Safety Department encourages all persons to report suspicious persons, actions or crimes while on campus. The following suggestions may be used for all suspected criminal acts. All information is kept confidential to the extent required by law.

  1. Go to any assistance phone, raise the handset or any office phone and dial extension 8113 for routine calls or 8112 for emergencies. If calling from a cell phone, enter 203-575-8113 or 203-575-8112.
  2. Give the person who answers the phone the following information:
    1. name of person making the complaint (optional)
    2. your current location
    3. nature of complaint
    4. name and description of persons involved (if known)
    5. direction of travel (if known)
    6. time of occurrence
    7. injuries (if any)
    8. any other information that may assist officers in the investigation
  3. Stay near that phone and an officer will meet you.
  4. When speaking with the officer, please try to remember as much information as possible to relay to the responding officer - e.g. description of person, including hair color, clothing, skin color, etc.