Specific parking areas are designated for visitors, students, faculty and staff.

Students are not required to obtain parking decals or permits. Students may park on a first-come, first served basis in the East or West lots, except in those areas designated:

  • reserved
  • fire lanes
  • grass areas
  • faculty and staff
  • visitors
  • handicapped.

Some parking areas may be restricted by a sign on special occasions. The speed limit in the parking areas and driveways is 15 mph.

The lack of parking space does not permit the violation of a parking regulation. Vehicles may be towed if they are in violation of the parking regulations without notice to the owner. The College does not assume responsibility for any motor vehicle, parked or in motion, or its contents.

Parking violations are as follows:

$10.00 Penalty

  • parking beyond established time
  • parking on sidewalk
  • improper parking
  • restricted parking (no permit/improper permit)
  • parking in police space/state vehicle/reserved space

$25.00 Penalty

  • parking in fire lane/fire hydrant
  • blocking crosswalk/driveway
  • obstructing/double parking
  • parking on grass

Failure to pay fines will result in further college action.

Contact Information

The Public Safety Department is located on the Waterbury campus of NVCC in Room 122 of the CORE Building.

The department may be reached from off campus by dialing:

(203) 575-8113

(203) 575-8112

On campus utilize the extensions 58113 or 58112.

Hours of Operation

The department is staffed:

24 hours per day
365 days per year