Institutional Research - Surveys

We want to know what you’re thinking.

The OIR routinely conducts surveys, including:

Whether you’re a prospective student, parent or a curious member of the communities we serve, our students’ goals, opinions, and challenges may be of interest to you.

Graduate Surveys

Each year, the Connecticut Community College System surveys its graduates. At NVCC, the OIR conducts the survey and reports the results.

Two survey instruments are used:

  1. The Graduate Survey asks graduated students to describe their education and occupation before, during and after their time at the College.
  2. The Satisfaction Survey asks graduates to indicate their satisfaction with the College's performance in a number of areas, what their initial goal was in attending and whether or not they were successful in achieving that goal.

The trend charts below show how graduates' responses have changed from 1999 through 2007.  All graduates were surveyed; response rates varied from a low of 20% to a high of 39%.

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