Institutional Research - Definitions and Explanations

All research conducted by the OIR is governed by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Code of Ethics

Facts and Figures: Where do they come from?

All colleges in the Connecticut Community College System use a system called Banner for tracking information on students, staff, courses and finances. Information is constantly entered and updated. At the start of each fall semester, the data are “frozen.” The freeze, or census, date is set by the College. On that day, a full set of Banner data is extracted. This snap shot of data is used to satisfy state and federal reporting requirements and to provide a point of comparison for year-over-year and semester-to-semester studies. Banner data are also frozen at the start and end of all other semesters. For state and federal reporting purposes, the fall census-date extract is most often used.

Non-credit student data presented on the OIR pages are derived from a full year’s worth of data because non-credit enrollment information is not frozen.

A Note About Percentages

Many of the OIR pages contain tables that can easily be copied and pasted into Microsoft Excel. They were prepared using the program, which automatically rounds each figure up or down to the decimal point shown. When Excel sums the percentages, it is adding the true (not the rounded) figures. Occasionally, decimals rounded by Excel will appear to add up to more than the expected total.

For an explanation of statistical terms, look at our Statistics Primer.

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