myCommnet Alert

Last Updated Mar 2010

Get emergency and weather-related delays and closings
texted to your cell phone.

Follow the steps below or contact the Records Office at 203-596-2177. Enrollment is free; however, your cell phone plan’s normal text message rates will apply.

How to Register:

Before you start: Open two windows on your computer: one for your e-mail account and one to register for myCommNetAlert.

Step 1: Log into myCommNet.

Step 2: Click Create Account in the myCommNet Alert box. A new browser window will open.

Step 3: Click Create Account. This link is located above the Log In box, to the right.

Step 4: Enter your e-mail address when prompted. The system will send you a temporary password. Open a second window to
retrieve your temporary password from your email account.

Step 5: Return to the myCommNet Alert log-in page to log in with your temporary password. You may also change your password at this time.

Step 6: Enter data as prompted. Make sure that you’ve typed the correct cell phone number with area code before submitting. If you attend more than one college, choose your primary college affiliation in the drop down list.

Step 7: Click Submit when finished. This will take you to a confirmation page.

Step 8: Click Confirm after you have double checked your information. You are now ready to receive text message alerts!