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It is our Mission to support academic courses, College sponsored events, and community based programs by providing suitable facilities and coordination services to meet your specific needs.

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Requests, Forms and Fees

Event space needs to be properly scheduled and approved well in advance. All service providers of the College that are directly or indirectly engaged by that scheduling need adequate time to prepare. Good planning and advance scheduling protect not only the College, but also the organizer(s) of the event from unpleasant situations.

The first step to a successful event is to complete a Facilities Reservation request form and submit it to OFSEP.

This form assists the office in:

  • securing necessary and appropriate facilities
  • anticipating potential conflicts with other events scheduled the same day, thereby allowing for contingency planning
  • assisting with logistical planning
  • ensuring details of the event are compliant with College and Board policies
  • providing one-stop-shopping. OFSEP is the link and the communication mechanism to all other pertinent offices on campus that will be involved in preparing for and advertising your event
  • providing information for inquiries on activities taking place on campus.

Requests for shared spaces

Requests for Shared Spaces are negotiated through a process initiated each year (around November) for the use of these facilities during the next fiscal year.  '

Space is requested, prioritized, negotiated and tentatively approved through this process. Priority is given to sponsored and co-sponsored events to ensure NVCC programs have adequate space to conduct college-related programs. The final outcome of the process is the creation of a complete Shared Space calendar. Once this calendar is approved, users are expected to complete the process by following procedures outlined in Section IV of this document. Failure to do so may result in loss of reserved space. In order to ensure the College has the facilities needed to support its programs, the facilities are not made available to the general public until July 1st of the respective fiscal year.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, reserving the Mainstage automatically secures the Ruth Ann Leever Atrium and accessory rooms GR, TB3, DR3 (see below for descriptions).
  • Unless otherwise indicated, reserving the Playbox for a performance automatically reserves the Playbox Control Room, and accessory room DR3 (or DR4 if there is a scheduling conflict for DR3). See complete listing of Fine Arts accessory rooms below.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, reserving A404 Multi-Purpose room will also include accessory room DR4 if there is no production conflict.
  • Fine Arts Accessory rooms include: 
    • Greenroom (GR)
    • Ticket Booth (TB3)
    • Kitchenette
    • Dressing Rooms Levels 3 and 4 (DR3 & DR4)

Reserve a Facility

Step 1: Complete a Facility Reservation Form.

Step 2: Submit your form to OFSEP.

Step 3: We will inform you as to whether or not there is a facility available for your event. An alternate facility may be recommended.

Step 4: If your event/activity is approved a facility is available, we will produce a contract or memorandum of understanding to be signed by both the College and the sponsoring organization. If fees are incurred, an invoice will follow under separate cover.

Policies and Procedures

College, Board and State policies on facility usage:

NVCC sponsors hundreds of credit and credit-free classes, numerous music, drama and art productions and concerts, as well as conferences and community service events throughout the year. The college often co-sponsors major events with area agencies and organizations to promote community involvement. All facility requests are subject to approval by the Dean of Administration, who is the designee of the President.

Public use of facilities cannot conflict with priorities of the institution, Connecticut state laws, Board policy or Campus guidelines. 

College policy sets the priority for scheduling of facility use as follows:

  1. Credit courses
  2. Non-Credit courses
  3. Remaining rooms (if any) are available for scheduling through OFSEP.  Some classrooms are used between semesters for special programs.

Requests for use of NVCC facilities are received continuously throughout the year. These requests are reviewed for compliance with state law, Board policy, and campus guidelines, and are subject to approval prior to assignment of space and/or event planning. Special sessions, programs, and events may be planned by faculty, staff, approved campus organizations, and approved community organizations and are subject to annual review.


  • All requests must be submitted via the Facility Reservation form a minimum of two weeks in advance of the date requested. Telephone calls and casual conversations do not constitute an official request. The OFSEP will not issue availability of facilities without a completed Facility Reservation form on file.
  • Completion of a Facility Reservation form does not constitute approval of the facilities or the activities. If/when an event is approved, the originator will receive a copy of the original request that includes an approval signature.
  • Events/activities should not be advertised until the Facility Reservation Form has been signed by the Dean of CED, indicating approval of the event and all its details. 
  • In considering requests, the OFSEP will research availability of requested space based on the details listed on the form. The originator of the request is informed if there is a facility available or if a specific requested facility is not available. An alternate facility may be recommended. The OFSEP will also analyze requests for compliance with College, State, and Board of Trustees policies and procedures, overlapping events occurring simultaneously on campus, availability of parking facilities, conflicting events, availability of staff and safety compliance.
  • Additional maintenance, security and technical staff may be required to support an activity, and charges may be incurred for co-sponsored collaboratives and rental activities. Additional staffing is based on many factors including, but not limited to: size, complexity, day, and time of event. Office of Public Safety and Maintenance supervisors are consulted in determining the need for additional staff. Members of our Public Safety staff are sworn State Officers, and it is therefore not necessary to secure local police support.
  • When a request is approved, signed forms will be distributed to all potentially affected parties (Office of Public Safety, Maintenance, the Customer Service Center, and the originator of the request). Additional copies are sent to the Technical staff, A/V Department, Cafeteria Manager, Office of College Marketing, and others as necessary.
  • Only complete forms will be reviewed. The details for an event should be clear and specific. This helps OFSEP determine an adequate location for your event, and ensures all the materials and personnel needed for the event will be available.
  • Facility Reservation Forms are not binding and are not considered approved until signed by the Dean of CED.
  • Users will have access to the assigned room during the hours indicated on the approved Facility Reservation Request. Set-up and breakdown must be done within the reserved time and must not impede use of the space by another group at a time that has not been reserved. Under no circumstances should a group utilize a facility that has not been assigned or approved in advance.


Sponsored activities

A sponsored activity is any activity or event that is run solely by one or more college divisions and/or departments. Overtime expenses may be applicable for events that run significantly beyond normal college operating hours.

Co-sponsored collaborative activities

Co-sponsored activities are defined as collaborations between one or more college divisions, departments or approved groups in full partnership with one or more outside organizations/agencies. 

In order for an activity to be considered co-sponsored, ALL of the following criteria must be met:

  • Responsible representatives from each collaborating agency must be present and accountable for the duration of the activity and facility use, including one representing the NVCC co-sponsor.
  • NVCC representative has direct involvement and input into the planning and execution of the event.
  • NVCC representative will serve as the point of contact for all logistical coordination.
  • The activity must be directly related to the assigned responsibilities of the college representative initiating the collaborative.
  • There is an identifiable, direct benefit to the college and/or students assumed by the College on behalf of the NVCC sponsoring group.
  • Completion of Request for Cosponsor status form

There are two categories of cosponsored activities that encompass different fee structures:

Category 1: Non-fundraising collaborative
The outside organization will be required to pay 50% of the fees for services that result in a direct or indirect cost to the college.  Rental fees will be waived for the outside organization(s).  The remaining 50% of the costs is assumed by the College on behalf of the NVCC group sponsoring the event.

Category 2: Fundraising collaborative
The outside organization will be required to pay 50% of the total costs of rental and other related fees.  Any in-kind contributions made to the College in relation to the event will be deducted from this amount.  A full disclosure of the in-kind contribution value must be submitted in advance to the OFSEP.  The remaining 50% of the costs is assumed by the College on behalf of the NVCC group sponsoring the event.


For outside groups

The term "outside" includes any person, group or legal entity authorized to use the facilities whose authorization does not include sponsorship or co-sponsorship by the college. 

Utilization of college facilities shall be afforded without regard to the race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, marital status, mental retardation or physical disability, including but not limited to blindness, prior conviction of a crime, political beliefs, veteran status, or sexual preference of the applicant unless there is a bona fide qualification excluding persons in one of the above groups. (BOT 4.7.5)

When college facilities are utilized by an outside organization the following requirements apply: 

  1. Commercial endeavors, including solicitations, are discouraged.  If the president determines that a commercial activity is beneficial to the educational function of the college, he or she may authorize such activity, provided that in so doing he or she ensures that the name of the college is not associated with the activity and that the college does not appear to have endorsed the endeavor. (BOT 4.7.5)
  2. The name of the college shall not be associated with any group which is not a bona fide college organization, except that the president may authorize the co-sponsorship of activities which are consonant with the philosophy of the comprehensive community college. (BOT 4.7.5)
  3. No organization may use the facilities of a college for the purpose of raising funds, except that the president may grant permission for such activities to bona fide charities, college foundations, and public service organizations.  (BOT 4.7.5)
  4. Public use of facilities cannot conflict with priorities of the institution, Connecticut state laws, Board policy or Campus guidelines. (BOT 4.7.5)
  5. Facilities may be used on a space available basis in accordance with any limitations or restrictions imposed by state laws, college and board policies, and may be subject to a rental and other related charges.  Availability of space will not be researched until the scheduling of the credit and non-credit programs have been finalized for each given semester and summer sessions.
  6. It shall be the duty of the person or organization granted a permit to ascertain and abide by any and all rules and regulations pertaining to college property. (BOT 4.7.5)
  7. The outside organization shall meet all applicable state regulations as to legality and compliance with appropriate civil rights legislation.  The civil rights compliance number or, in lieu thereof, assurance of compliance in writing shall be obtained. (BOT 4.7.5)
  8. The outside organization must obtain all necessary state and local permits.  Copies must be filed with the college at least one week prior to the event. (BOT 4.7.5)
  9. The outside organization shall be responsible for the collection and payment of required state admission tax. (BOT 4.7.5)
  10. Connecticut State agencies can request use of facilities for approval and will be charged reduced fees.  Documentation may be required to prove state agency status.
  11. Use of college facilities for activities that duplicate or compete with programs and/or services offered by the college or part of the college mission are prohibited.
  12. Any outside organization using college facilities shall be responsible for any damage to college property.  The organization granted license shall indemnify and hold harmless the college, the board of trustees, and the state of Connecticut against any claim.  (BOT 4.7.5)
  13. An outside organization is required to obtain a minimum of $1,000,000 for both public liability and property damage insurance for combined single limit coverage.  A certificate of public liability and property damage insurance which provides coverage and names the college as an additional insured for the total period the organization occupies the facilities must be submitted to the college at least one week prior to the commencement of the leasing period.  The college reserves the right to cancel an event if the documentation of insurance has not been received or is incomplete.  (BOT 4.7.5)
  14. The content of the program to be presented must be described in detail on the Facility Reservation form.  The program, if approved, must be presented as stated.  Substantial deviation from the description shown on the original request is not permitted and may lead to the cancellation of an event.
  15. Information regarding the location of an event at NVCC may not be published or advertised until the Facility Reservation Form has been signed by the Dean of CED, indicating approval of the event and all its details.  The official college name is Naugatuck Valley Community College, and must appear as stated in all promotional materials and advertising.
  16. Use of campus facilities for religious purposes (e.g., religious services) will be considered only in emergency situations and requires direct approval of the President.
  17. It is the basic principal of this college to provide opportunities for open and balanced forums.  Requests for use of facilities that advocate a philosophical position not consistent with the mission of the college, or that advocate the overthrow of the government, or violate the U.S. Constitution will not be allowed to use any college facility.  These requests will be reviewed and status determined by the Office of Facilities Scheduling & Events Planning and may include consultations with the President.
  18. The college does not rent conference rooms, computer or specialized labs.
  19. Serving or sale of alcoholic beverages is not permitted without written application to the Dean of Administration and the final approval of the President.  Request to Serve or Sell Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
  20. The use of candles (or other open flamed items) and/or hazardous materials is strictly prohibited.
  21. A schedule of fees for the use of college facilities and equipment and the services of college personnel by an outside organization are available through OFSEP.  Outside organizations utilizing college security and custodial personnel shall be billed directly by the college for said services.  Said personnel shall be compensated at their regular rate, including overtime and benefits.  Necessary security and maintenance services shall be provided by college personnel, unless supplemental personnel such as state or local police are deemed necessary. (BOT 4.7.5)  Schedule of Fees
  22. A contract or memorandum of understanding must be signed by all organizations utilizing college facilities.  This letter serves as a written agreement between the college and outside organization and also acts as an official invoice if charges are incurred.
  23. The primary sponsor of the event is responsible for meeting any ADA requests for services beyond college facility access; the college assumes responsibility for physical facility accommodations.
  24. No vendors shall be permitted in the building or on the premises, except by special permission of the college. (BOT 4.7.5)
  25. Flyers and advertising for co-sponsored events must be reviewed, in advance of final printing, by the Office of Facilities Scheduling & Events Planning to verify accuracy of information.
  26. The applicant agrees and warrants that no person shall be denied the benefits of, or otherwise subjected to, discrimination under any program or activity for which the applicant uses the facilities of the college because of race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, marital status, mental retardation or physical disability, including, but not limited to, blindness, or prior conviction of a crime, political beliefs, veteran status, or sexual preference, unless there is a bona fide qualification excluding persons in one of the above protected groups.

The College reserves the right to review and deny usage of facilities for any event considered extremely high risk and/or non-consistent with the College mission and policies.

The college reserves the right to revoke or change the date of any permit granted in case of emergency or conflict with college programs. (BOT 4.7.5)

The following facilities may be reserved on a space-available basis

  • Mainstage Theater
  • Ruth Ann Leever Atrium
  • Playbox Theater
  • Cafeteria
  • Outdoor Plaza
  • Classrooms
  • Dining Room
  • Technology Hall Atrium
  • Parking Lots
  • Other Resources on Campus

Note: conference rooms, computer and specialized labs are not available for rentals.