Requests, Forms and Fees

Event space needs to be properly scheduled and approved well in advance. All service providers of the College that are directly or indirectly engaged by that scheduling need adequate time to prepare. Good planning and advance scheduling protect not only the College, but also the organizer(s) of the event from unpleasant situations.

The first step to a successful event is to complete a Facilities Reservation request form and submit it to OFSEP.

This form assists the office in:

  • securing necessary and appropriate facilities
  • anticipating potential conflicts with other events scheduled the same day, thereby allowing for contingency planning
  • assisting with logistical planning
  • ensuring details of the event are compliant with College and Board policies
  • providing one-stop-shopping. OFSEP is the link and the communication mechanism to all other pertinent offices on campus that will be involved in preparing for and advertising your event
  • providing information for inquiries on activities taking place on campus.