Office of College Marketing

The Office of College Marketing (OCM) provides the tools to orchestrate, communicate and disseminate accurate, timely information to NVCC and the greater community. OCM promotes College programs and services through a multitude of marketing media.

For Official NVCC logos, please contact OCM.

About OCM


OCM supports marketing campaigns aimed at the degree-seeking student as well as the non-credit student who takes personal fulfillment courses and professional training. Our college-wide campaign positions the College and provides specific campaigns for the fall, spring, and summer credit and non-credit semesters. In addition, OCM creates program-specific materials to promote the four unique degrees offered only at the College.

OCM oversees production of all:

  • publications
  • collateral marketing projects. 

Our goal is to position the College in the community as an affordable, convenient and high-quality institution of education and training with many choices for educational goal achievement.

OCM welcomes input from the faculty, staff and students in its efforts to continually promote the College and the achievements of our colleagues.


Trying to contact students can be difficult if you don't know how. Before you consider paying for advertising, make sure that you've:

  • utilized our video display system
  • submitted your news item for Web and press promotion
  • approved your posters for the fifth floor walkway.

If your communications require a more sophisticated outside campaign, then its time to meet with our advertising representative to discuss the various media outlets through which you can advertise.

Direct Mail

If you are introducing a new program or event series to the college, direct mail can be a cost-effective way to reach your audience.

OCM can help you purchase address lists for our geographic region. Then, we can help tailor your message to attract your target audience back to you.

Fill out the form below to set up a planning meeting with our direct mail advisor and learn more about the different options and pricing packages that are available to you.

Graphic Design

OCM works with professional and academic departments around campus to help promote student growth and retention.

If you would like guidance developing a poster or brochure that advertises your program or services please contact us to schedule an appointment.


If you are hosting an event on campus and would like to have photos taken, OCM will either:

  • provide you with a camera
  • send professional staff to take photos.

You will be responsible for distributing and collecting photograph releases from your students/attendees. We suggest having students sign ahead of time if it is a class event. If you have a variable guest list, please ask attendees to sign when they check in at your event. The OCM is not permitted to release any photographs without proper authorization from participants.

Public Relations


Video Display

College offices and departments and student organizations can use the video display system to promote campus events. 

Please email your request to OCM and include a PowerPoint slide containing all of the information you would like displayed.

All message requests must be received at least 3 days in advance of the activity.

Web Services

Through our content management system, faculty and staff have the opportunity to create customized content and the freedom to change it as the need arises. The Office of Public Relations serves as the final point of approval for updates, ensuring that all of our communications accurately represent the college mission and vision in a positive and beneficial light. 

Ready to freshen up your content? Set up an appointment.