Connecticut Collegiate Awareness and Preparation (ConnCAP) Program

The NVCC ConnCAP Program is an early intervention, college preparation program designed to provide educational and social support services and cultural enrichment to selected inner city youth from Waterbury. The overall goal of ConnCAP is to set high educational standards while assisting students in successfully navigating high school and matriculating to a college or university. The high school graduation rate among ConnCAP graduates is 99% and the college matriculation rate is 90%. There are currently 105 students in grades nine through twelve enrolled in ConnCAP. Of the 105 students currently enrolled, 92% are low-income, 98% are first generation for college, and 90% are both low-income and first generation for college. The Department of Higher Education funds ConnCAP annually and the Waterbury School District provides funds annually from the Priority School Grant. In addition, the Department of Education reimburses NVCC annually to supplement the cost of meals.

WIA In-school Youth Program

Ines Velez, ConnCAP Program Coordinator

Rosa Roman, ConnCAP Learning Assistant