Search & Hiring Process

September 1, 2010

Initial Stage:

  • Consideration occurs to fill a vacant, or to create a new, position.
  • All necessary parties and the President approve Notice of Vacancy.
  • HR Dept, in consultation with the appropriate Dean, chooses to use, or modify, the job description. A new one is written if necessary. Approval of the System Office is obtained.
  • Search Advisory Committee (SAC) members and chair person are recommended to the President by the appropriate Dean.  President modifies or approves the committee membership.
  • SAC Chair calls first meeting of committee. Committee is charged by Affirmative Action Officer. President also attends the charging meeting if available, but AAO is responsible for the charge, and to instruct SAC members on appropriate search methods and to warn of potential pitfalls. SAC determines how to address late and incomplete applications.
  • SAC Chair sends list of applicants to the AAO to ensure correct size and balanced pool.
  • SAC meets and reviews minimum qualifications and identifies preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • SAC (or SAC’s clerical support person) identifies incomplete application files and notifies SAC of missing information.
  • SAC members individually review each applicant file and rate according to rating system agreed upon by SAC.
  • SAC selects candidates to be interviewed and sends spreadsheet to AAO to validate that interview pool is appropriately diverse and includes a sufficient number of goal candidates.
  • Applicant flow chart must be reviewed by AAO.
  • SAC agrees on interview questions and verifies them with AAO.
  • Clerical support person schedules interviews.
  • Search committee interviews candidates and agrees on three finalists (sometimes this could be four) for each vacancy.
  • SAC Chair submits names of the three finalists in alphabetical order to the President.
  • At the discretion of the President, candidates for unclassified positions will be asked to make a presentation to the campus community on a topic relevant to the position applied for. At this 20 minute college-wide presentation, followed by a Q&A period, input will be collected from the audience through an established feedback sheet and passed on to the President. (Feedback sheet attached.)
  • SAC Chair compiles strengths and weaknesses and sends to AAO.

Final Stage:

  • President receives from the Search Committee the following on each candidate being recommended for further consideration:
    • Candidate’s complete file including: letter of intent, application form, transcripts, letters of recommendation, equivalency statement (if applicable), and reference check notes, etc.
    • List of strengths and weaknesses for each candidate
    • Applicant flowchart, signed by the SAC chairperson
  • President and appropriate members of the management team interview the candidates.
  • President confers with the Dean and/or SAC Chair then selects the candidate to whom an offer should be made by HR.
  • SAC Chair submits draft final flow chart to AAO.

After the candidate is selected by the President...

  • Recommendation for Hire form is prepared by SAC Chair, signed by Dean of the appropriate unit, and submitted to the President.  After approval by the President, HR contacts the candidate.
  • HR makes an appropriate offer and attempts to secure acceptance by candidate. Salary and start date are finalized, in consultation with the President and/or System Office, if necessary. Bargaining unit is assigned according to established procedures.
  • Letter of Offer is prepared by HR for the President’s signature and mailed.
  • When the offer letter is signed and returned by the candidate, the Dean is notified. The Search Committee Chairperson is then authorized by HR to send rejection letters to the other candidates notifying them that an appointment has been made.
  • SAC Chair submits final flow chart to AAO.


Contact Information

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Equal Employment Opportunity (Affirmative Action) Officer
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