Honors Institute

The Honors Institute at NVCC is a program of study that allows students to complete their degree program with an “Honors” designation.

The Institute requires students to take three General Education and two program specific honors courses as well as complete a final project that requires rigorous, personalized and critical study. 

The Honors Institute affords students a better teacher-student ratio, smaller classes, more direct access to faculty mentoring, more independent study opportunities, and early entrance into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Success in the Honors Institute increases transfer opportunities, gains student recognition at the Honors Showcase, banquet, and commencement, and includes honor status on the student's transcript. The Honors Institute is also a gateway for students to experience academic conferences and cultural events that support academic pursuits.

Students in the Honors Institute are members of a community of excellence.

Download an application and return it to The Honors Institute, Ekstrom Hall, Room E518a to be considered for admission. The following requirements apply:

Current NVCC students

  • NVCC or other college GPA of 3.3 with at least 12 credits
  • letter of recommendation from high school or college faculty

Transfer student

  • good standing at former college with a GPA of 3.3 and at least 12 credits during their last semester
  • transcript submitted with application
  • letter of recommendation from high school or college faculty

High school student 

  • letter of recommendation from high school faculty
  • Top 15% of high school graduating class (within the past 5 years)
    SAT score of 1650
    ACT score of 24 or better 

All other students

  • Students who do not meet the above criteria may apply to the Honors Institute Advisory Committee by  providing evidence of academic success and two recommendations from high school or colleges faculty.

*In all instances, alternative evidence of academic talent may also be considered.