Women's Center


The Women’s Center at NVCC will assist students to achieve their full potential-in education, career and personal life, as they face and overcome issues unique to women. The Women’s Center will provide support of our students’ intellectual and academic growth, professional development and personal empowerment.

Services offered

  • An environment where all are welcome and diversity is embraced.
  • Create and support a women’s studies curriculum that enhances the College’s course and program offerings.
  • Develop leadership potential and foster leadership skills among female students.
  • Develop programs, sponsor conferences, invite speakers and host events designed to educate students on campus and in the communities we serve about ways to overcome barriers of gender, race, sexual orientation, and or disability.
  • Create a support network for women including academic mentoring, facilitation of work-related internships, career shadowing and referrals to outside agencies on personal and crisis management.
  • Collaborate with Jane Doe No More, WBDC and other community organizations on the writing of grant proposals to support all of the above.