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Last NameFirst NameTitleDepartmentRoomPhoneEmail
AbaziKajmetBursarBursars OfficeK508203-596-8625
AdamsWayneI.T. Technician IIInformation TechnologyE608203-575-8172
AlexandrouStevenEA-Bridge To College Program CoordinatorBridge to CollegeF107 (Conference Room)
AltmanLawrenceProfessor, BiologyScience, Technology, Engineering & MathematicsE427203-596-8715
AndersonLisaAssociate Professor of NursingAllied Health/Nursing/Physical EducationF306203-596-2170
AndersonLisaFiscal Administrative OfficerPurchasingK705203-575-8115
AndersonSusanProfessor, Respiratory CareAllied Health/Nursing/Physical EducationF106203-596-2129
AngelastroPeterAcademic Division Director of Science, Technology, Engineering & MathematicsScience, Technology, Engineering & MathematicsE411203-596-8690
AntonickaBarbaraProfessor, HumanitiesLiberal Arts and Behavioral/Social SciencesK605203-575-8238
ArbustoJoanEA-RegistrarOffice of the RegistrarK517a203-596-2142
ArdizzoiaAndrewAssistant Professor of MusicLiberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences
ArsenaultBruceNetwork ManagerInformation TechnologyE605203-575-8171
AyalaJohanis Financial AidK514203-596-2188

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Academic Affairs

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Finnan  Pamela Office Assistant. Academic Support Center E500 203-575-8073
Picard  Ronald Associate Dean of Academic Affairs K719b 203-596-8761
Rios-Knauf  Irene Dean of Academic Affairs K719 203-575-8116
Rodrigues  Rose-Mary Associate Director of the Learning Center (ACE) E533c 203-596-8680
Sheftel  Robert E500 203-596-8729

Accounting/Business Office

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Palen  Lisa Director of Finance/Admin Services K704d 203-575-8100
Zhu  Jian Assistant Accountant K705 203-596-8618


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Elm  Dana Coord/Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety E312 203-596-2153


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Calabrese  Lisa Assistant Director of Admissions K503b 203-575-8151
Cousins  James Assistant Director of Admissions K500a 203-596-8601
Rivera  Francois Clerk Typist-Student Services K500 203-575-8032
Stango  Linda Director of Workforce Transition and Outreach K503a 203-575-8221
Wissink  Jennifer International Student Advisor K503 203-575-8010

Allied Health/Nursing/Physical Education

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Anderson  Susan Professor, Respiratory Care F106 203-596-2129
Anderson  Lisa Associate Professor of Nursing F306 203-596-2170
Bish  Kimberly Assiociate Professor, Nursing F308 203-596-2171
de Hertogh  Anne Clinical Coordinator E520
Frigo  Susan Professor, Nursing F317 203-596-8671
Gabriele  Carol Associate Dean of Health Sciences & Director of Nursing F111 203-596-8734
Gangaway  Janet Director, PTA program F117
George  Eileen Professor of Nursing F316 203-596-2169
Guerrera  Margaret Program Director, Respiratory Care F119 203-596-8662
Kelley  Kristine Professor, Nursing F319 203-596-8666
Kepka-Leach  Felicia Professor, Nursing F313 203-596-8775
Marquis  Tammy Assistant Professor/Nursing F309 203-596-8724
Martone  Mark Associate Professor, Radiologic Technology Program F120 203-575-8266
Mazzamaro  Robyn Office Assistantt, Allied Health,Nursing & Physical Ed E600 203-596-8770
Murphy  Kathryn Professor, Nursing F304 203-596-8673
Petruzzi  Elizabeth Clinical Coordinator F234 203-575-8058
Pirotta  Monica Professor, Nursing F305 203-575-8268
Roosa  Sandra Assiociate Professor, Nursing F310 203-596-8659
Santos Jr.  Antonio Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Technology F107 203-596-2128
Taylor  Karen Professor, Nursing F314 203-596-8773
Torres  Nancy Secretary F105 203-575-8057

Alumni Affairs

No Data Available

Arts and Humanities

No Data Available


No Data Available

Bridge to College

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Alexandrou  Steven EA-Bridge To College Program Coordinator F107 (Conference Room)
Bliss  Jodine E600d 203-596-8737
Celotto  David Bridge To College Director E600f 203-575-8007
Cunningham  Liana E600b 203-596-8758
Luciano  Connie E600 203-596-2165
Millo  Blayre Bridge To College Program Coordinator
Vasquez  Elvis EA-Bridge To College Program Coordinator

Bursars Office

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Abazi  Kajmet Bursar K508 203-596-8625


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Bage  Robyn-Jay Professor, Management E602a 203-596-8786
Chaky  Joseph Assistant Professor, CIS T636 203-596-8781
Clough  David Professor, LAP T635 203-596-8744
Devlin Jr.  Robert Adjunct
Dezinno  Robert Adjunct E518
Eddy  Sandra Associate Professor, CIS T635 203-596-2130
Evertez  Antonio Adjunct, CIS E518
Holmes  Mitchell Academic Division Director, Business E601a 203-575-8117
Kelly  Brian Adjunct, CIS E518
Mahar  Tracy Assistant Coordinator WIA E619 203-575-8224
Marcoux  Lee Adjunct, CIS
Marotti-Delieto  Donna Professor, Finance E602b 203-596-8683
Orsillo  James Adjunct, CIS E518
Palladino  Kirk Adjunct, CIS
Perkins  Duane Professor, Business Computer Applications T638 203-596-2133
Sainz  Joe Professor, Business Computer Applications E612 203-596-2181
Shaker  Danielle Adjunct E515
Taylor  Kathy Associate Professor/Paralegal E616 203-575-8279


No Data Available

Campus Support Services

No Data Available

Center for Academic Planning & Student Success (CAPSS)

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Carleton  William Diversity Recruitment,Advising&RetentionSpec K522a 203-575-8026
Goulet  Bonnie Director of Student Development Services K520 203-596-8752
Houlihan  Susan Academic Advisor/Student Retention Specialist E520 203-596-2164
Johnson  Samuel Counselor K520e 203-575-8192
Tucker  Jacqueline Academic Advisor / Retention Specialist K520a 203-596-8787

Center for Job Placement and Career Opportunities (CJPCO)

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Smith  Teresa Job Placement Coordinator L524 203-596-2191
Terry  Allison Secretary, Job Placement Center L524 203-575-8223
Wormack  Antony Director of Business & Industry L524 203-575-8159

Child Development Center

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Calo  Abbie Director, Child Development Center K400a 203-575-8293
Giarratona  Cynthia Kindergarten Teacher K412
Maksymiw  Kristine Atelierista
Milia  Kim Lead Co-Teacher K400 203-575-8292
Petrakopoulos  Laura Lead Co-Teacher K404 203-596-2178
Sepanski  Courtney Lead Co-Teacher K400 203-596-8606
Spino  MariLynne Lead Co-Teacher K400 203-596-8619
Turner  Katheryn Co-Teacher
Zhao  Chun Co-Teacher

Community & Economic Development

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Dionne  Jennifer F315 203-575-8166
Hornbecker  Laurie Director of Non-Credit Lifelong Learning F327 203-575-8031
Lee  Sandra Administrative Assistant F326 203-575-8028
Lutkus  Sharon F320 203-596-2197
Ouellette  Judy Office Assistant F324 203-575-8130
Petrario  Andrea Office Assistant, CED F323 203-575-8029
Purdy Jr.  John EA-Program Coordinator F320 203-575-8123
Targett  Patricia Program Coordinator/Faculty, CNA and PCT Programs F232 203-575-8253

Community Engagement

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Catuccio  Elizabeth K720 203-575-8045
Chapman  Angela Associate Dean of Development K720 203-575-8208
Coates  Beth Public Relations Associate K511 203-596-2196
Green  Sylvia EA-Data Specialist K720 203-575-8216
Kostrzewa  Waldemar Dean of Community Engagement K702a 203-575-8127
Smith  Tara Graphic Specialist K511 203-596-8676
Voghel-Ochs  Sydney Director of Marketing & Public Relations K510 203-575-8297
Ward-de Leon  Claudia Public Relations Associate K511a 203-575-8276


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Roman  Rosa Clerk Typist E400 203-575-8047


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Taylor  Arlette Education Counselor K520b 203-574-1140

Danbury Campus

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Chakar  Robert
Charris  Martha Assistant Director of Admissions D209 203-437-9638
Farrell  Scott Assistant Director of Admissions K500b 203-437-9653
Morytko  Christine Office Assistant D211 203-437-9639
O'Brien  Daniel 203-437-9699
Santiago  Antonio Dean of Danbury Campus 203-437-9637

Distance Learning

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Horvath  Carrie Director of Distance Learning L307 203-575-8182

Financial Aid

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Ayala  Johanis K514 203-596-2188
Boyko  Lisa Associate Director of Financial Aid K512b 203-575-8009
Hardy  Catherine Director of Financial Aid K513a 203-575-8167

Health & Disability Services

No Data Available

Health Care and Community Education

No Data Available

Human Resources

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Carolina  Kimberly Director of Human Resources K704b 203-575-8056
Pestretto-Demers  Linda Human Resources Generalist K704 203-596-8719
Swanson  Jacqueline Associate Director of Human Resources K704c 203-575-8043
Wright  Susan Human Resources Assistant K704 203-575-8077

Information Technology

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Florencio  David Systems Manager E604 203-575-8023
Franco  Carlos E606 203-575-8093
Rafey  Zohra I.T. Technician II E604 203-596-8726
Simpson  Jared Programmer Analyst E604b 203-596-8725
Villanueva  Nephtali Director of I.T. E603e 203-575-8140

Institutional Research

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Rodrigues-Doolabh  Lisa Director of Institutional Research K709 203-596-2104
Strauts  Erin K709 203-575-8281
Sturtz  Alan Educational Assistant 203-575-8097

Learning Resources Center

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Barry  Jenna Librarian L405 203-596-8712
Frechette  Elizabeth Librarian L409 203-575-8106
Leonetti  John Librarian L404 203-575-8021
Milnor  Elaine Library Associate L410 203-575-8147

Liberal Arts and Behavioral/Social Sciences

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Antonicka  Barbara Professor, Humanities K605 203-575-8238
Ardizzoia  Andrew Assistant Professor of Music
Ball  Karlene ESL Program Coordinator E500 203-575-8156
Betancourt  Nancy Secretary, Behavioral & Social Sciences K600b 203-596-2101
Boyd  Megan Assistant Professor of Dance A403 203-575-8179
Cocchiola-Meyer  Christine Professor, Human Services/Pre-Social Work K601 203-575-8284
Coleman  Althea Assistant Professor, English K605 203-596-8749
Curns  Jonathan Technical Coordinator/Fine Arts Center Theater A304 203-575-8184
Dresdner  Lisa Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Behavioral/Social Sciences K600a 203-575-8004
Ekquist-Lechner  Karla Associate Professor, History/Geography K602 203-596-2102
Evans-Boniecki  Jeannie Associate Professor, English L308 203-596-2110
Foster III  William Professor, English K607 203-596-8612
Gregory  Lori Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education K402b 203-596-8664
Harding  John Associate Professor, English K604 203-596-8763
Hoblack  Elizabeth Secretary, Arts & Humanities K600 203-596-8615
Kaufman  Elizabeth Professor, Communications K604 203-596-2111
Lebel  Amanda Assistant Professor of Art S401c 203-575-8176
Leblanc  Kathleen Professor, Human Services/Pre-Social Work K617a 203-596-8616
Leite  Rachael Associate Professor/Program Coord/Digital ArtsTech L305 203-575-8152
Lenoce  Amy Professor, Communications K605 203-596-8614
Lombard  Louis Assistant Professor, English K610b 203-596-2117
Majeski  Melanie Professor, ESL E500 203-596-2109
Malek-Ahmadi  Farshad Associate Professor, Sociology K611a 203-596-8617
Martone  Nicole Adjunct Faculty K611
Mattrella  Anne Professor, Modern Languages K607 203-596-2112
Meo  Cynthia Professor, Early Childhood Education K402a 203-596-2107
O'Donnell  Kim Professor, Psychology K611 203-575-8052
Ormond  Earl Associate Professor Criminal Justice K609 203-596-8605
Pallis  Patricia Department Chair, Humanities K610b 203-596-2115
Parlato  Steven AssociateProfessor, English K610a 203-596-8705
Pelletier  Kate Associate Professor, English K611 203-575-8233
Petitfrere  Julia Associate Professor, English K611 203-575-8150
Saltourides  Eleni Professor, ESL E500 203-575-8160
Scott  Beth-Ann Professor, English K603b 203-596-2199
Shapiro  Sharon Professor, English K608 203-596-8648
Shuchter  Lisa Professor of English K610a 203-575-8222
Tarzia  Wade Associate Professor, English K604 203-596-8603
Tiru  Angela Professor, Psychology K617b 203-596-2194
Tolbert-Bynum  Pamela Associate Professor S401b 203-575-8037
Valente  Sandra Coordinator DARC Program K608 203-596-8655
Venuk  Lawrence Professor, Psychology K601 203-596-8643
Warriner  Beth Professor, Criminal Justice & Public Safety K601 203-596-8735

Lifelong Learning

No Data Available


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Adames  Evelin Custosian
Casini  Robert Custodian C116
Cole  Janet Custodian
Correia  Joseph C127 203-596-8757
Cruz  Maria Custodian
Gauthier  Fred Custodian C116
Horvath III  Alexander
Jefferson  Gregory Custodian
Kales  Brett Custodian C116
Maggi  Angela Building Superintendent 2 C115 203-575-8155
Paulone  Michael C116
Perugini  Modestino Storekeeper Assistant C127 203-596-8670
Plaza  Obdulio Custodian C116
Poland  Thomas Locksmith
Schwartz  Michael Horticulture Academic Assistant E316b 203-596-2135
Vadnais  Katherine Custodian


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available


No Data Available

Office of the Registrar

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Cruz  Lourdes Registrar K517a Registrar 203-575-8091
Jones  Deidra K516a 203-575-8094
Reeves  Trena Secretary, Events Planning Office K518 203-575-8180


No Data Available


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Clymer  Ronald Equal Employment Opportunity Officer K702a 203-575-8110
Hernandez  Jessica Confidential Administrative Assistant K703 203-575-8044
Monchun  Beth K703c 203-575-8083

Print & Copy Center

No Data Available

Public Safety

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
D'Alusio  Jeffrey Police Sargeant C122a 203-575-8126
Gorishti  Arian Police Officer C101 203-575-8118
Woodend  Arthur


Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Anderson  Lisa Fiscal Administrative Officer K705 203-575-8115
Jette  Michelle Purchasing Assistant 203-575-8111

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Altman  Lawrence Professor, Biology E427 203-596-8715
Angelastro  Peter Academic Division Director of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics E411 203-596-8690
Benzi  Peter Professor, Physics E426 203-596-2138
Binney  Rebecca Assistant Professor, Biology E421 203-596-2175
Buchanan  Charles Academic Associate T613 203-596-8607
Burt Jr.  Harold Professor, Mathematics E405 203-596-2147
Carrington  Erika EA- Retention Coordinator K520c 203-575-8128
Cassano  Susan Secretary 1, Engineering Technologies T610 203-575-8053
Colon  Leonardo Jr EA-Internship & Employment Coord T621 203-596-8762
Cummings  Delwyn Professor, Environmental Science E428 203-596-8701
Dagan McGee  Kristen Electronic Engineering Technology Program Coordinator T613 203-596-8748
Damiano  Jeff Assistant Professor, Biology E319 203-596-8627
Defeo  Joseph Program Director T617 203-596-8692
DiFederico  Anthony Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T613 203-596-8609
Donaldson  Cynthia Professor, Environmental Science E314 203-596-8703
Faryniarz  Joseph Professor, Biological Sciences E313 203-596-8635
Gentile-Renda  Christina Professor, Biological Sciences E420 203-575-8064
Hepworth  Emily E406 203-596-8632
Litwinko  Deborah Professor, Mathematics E408 203-596-2127
Lynch  Sharon E421 203-575-8154
McClure  Curtiss Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T614 203-596-2119
Moutinho  Deirdre Enrollment/Retention Specialist T610 203-575-8014
Mullaney  David Professor, Biology E421 203-596-2179
Nguyen  Hien Instructor of Mathematics
Nichols  Simmie Assistant Professor, Mathematics E405 203-596-8713
Perez  Carissa Academic Associate E418c 203-596-2146
Pettinico  Sandra Professor, Mathematics E404 203-596-2161
Ramer  Kevin Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Sackett  Rachel Professor, Biology and Science Department Chair E418b 203-596-2140
Santos  Luiz Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T613 203-596-8611
Seabury  Jason Associate Professor, Mathematics E419 203-596-8631
Sharma  Narendra Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology T611 203-596-8689
Tirita  Gregory Business & Industry Instructor (Mfg) T623 203-596-8738
Tuccio  Christopher Associate Professor, Horticulture E424 203-596-8634
Urbina-Lilback  Ruth Professor, Math E409 203-575-8129
Wampler  Jane Professor, Mathematics E418a 203-596-2160
Zerbi  Mariangeli Associate Professor, Mathematics E404 203-596-8630
Zheng  Jianyu Professor, Biology E413 203-596-2162
Zozulin  Alexander Ph.D, Professor of Chemistry E425 203-596-2155
Zupkus  Janet Professor, Math E420 203-596-8704

Student Activities

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Ostrander  Rita EA-Programming Assistant S515 203-596-2186
Thompson  Alberta Secretary 1, Student Activities S514 203-575-8229

Student Government

No Data Available

Student Services

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Gager  Sarah Dean of Student Services K509a 203-575-8086
Ortiz-Torres  Julia Lead Telephone Operator K522 203-575-8088
Rosamilio  Noel Associate Dean of Enrollment Management K503a 203-596-8780
Zutant  Diane Administrative Assistant, Student Services K509 203-575-8012

Testing Center

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Vaichus  Susan EA-Placement Testing Liasion K519a 203-575-8218

Veterans' Affairs

No Data Available

Web Services

Last Name First Name Title Room: Phone: Email:
Wallace  Daniel Web Developer E306 203-575-8289

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