High School Partnerships

College Career Pathways (CCP)

College Career Pathways (CCP) is a partnership between NVCC and eighteen area high schools to offer NVCC college-level courses on-site at the high schools. All CCP courses are articulated with NVCC and are delivered by the high school faculty. Both CCP and Perkins Basic are funded by federal Perkins grant funding, and the two programs are closely coordinated. Together, CCP and Perkins Basic supplies participating high schools with textbooks, equipment and instructional supplies for the CCP courses. Since Fall 2007, the college has developed or is in the process of developing over 80 articulation agreements with our 18 high school partners. The overwhelming majority of these recent agreements are in the core academic areas: English, math, and science. Partner high schools include: Brookfield, Danbury, Masuk, Naugatuck, New Milford, Newtown, Nonnewaug, Oxford, Thomaston, Wolcott, Seymour H.S., and – in Waterbury – Kennedy, Wilby, Crosby, and the Arts Magnet School.

College Connections Program

Naugatuck Valley Community College has established a manufacturing machining program designed to provide high school juniors and seniors with opportunities to consider career paths in manufacturing. Through the College Connections program, students from local high schools can participate in a series of courses in machine shop practices and related subject matter which earn both high school and college credit.

The program provides orientation, assessment, blueprint reading, benchwork, and basic machining technology education directed specifically at the needs of the school population and the requirements of the employer community in the Northwest region of Connecticut. The College Connections coursework involves both classroom and manufacturing lab settings and includes regularly scheduled exams and independent assignments. The classes are conducted at Naugatuck Valley Community College during the regular school day. College credits earned through the College Connections program can be used towards Manufacturing certificate and degree programs at Naugatuck Valley.


Connecticut Collegiate Awareness and Preparation (ConnCAP) at Naugatuck Valley Community College is a pre-collegiate, grant-funded program of the Department of Higher Education dedicated and committed to assisting Waterbury economically challenged and first generation secondary school participants to successfully complete high school and to prepare them to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. ConnCAP provides educational programming (extracurricular), counseling, mentoring, career/academic planning, and college preparation. The program is non-credit, and provides students with meals, transportation, books/supplies, and financial aid. ConnCAP activities include college visits, SAT prep, and tutoring. There is also a free 6-week interactive summer program: classes are held Monday through Thursday 9am – 3pm, and Friday dedicated as field trip day. The summer program concludes with an awards ceremony, banquet and dance. There are approximately 100 student participants in ConnCAP, ranging from grades 8 through 12. All participants are residents of Waterbury, Connecticut, and represent first-generation college students. ConnCAP is free to student participants.

Early Childhood Education Articulation Agreements

The Early Childhood Education program has several articulation agreements with the Waterbury School system, especially with Kennedy High School, with discussions ongoing for additional ones.  The overall goal is for students to be able to earn college credit and to qualify for their CDA (Child Development Associate) credential and be workforce ready upon graduation from college.  Numerous high schools visit the Child Development Center throughout the year, including Naugatuck High School, Kennedy High School, Wilby High School, and Bristol Central, and it is regular destination for many other campus tours.

Human Services Field Placements & Service Learning

Several Human Service students have done their field placements in Kennedy High School, State Street (Alternative) School, The Enlightenment School, and Naugatuck High School (a great number of human services students are placed in the middle and elementary schools, especially in Waterbury).  With regards to service learning, two instructors (one in Psychology and one in Communications) had worked with the Transitions program last academic year and this semester.

Perkins Basic

The Perkins Basic program at NVCC supports the career and technical programs at NVCC and the College Career Pathways (CCP) program, which articulates NVCC college courses with area high schools. Activities include student recruitment and retention activities, providing textbooks and instructional materials for those articulated CCP courses, and supporting professional development activities for faculty at both the college and at the partner high schools.

For the past four years, our high school partners have received funding for books, instructional supplies and field trips for classes which are part of the Career Pathways Program and are articulated with NVCC. The following high schools have received funds: Brookfield, Danbury, Masuk (Monroe), Newtown, Naugatuck, New Milford, Nonnewaug (Reg. 14), Oxford, Seymour, Southington, Thomaston, Wolcott, Woodland (Reg. 16) and Kennedy HS in Waterbury.

Programs and departments at NVCC that have received funding include:

  • Math/Science: Women in Science Seminar that last year brought approximately 40 female students from Thomaston and Nonnewaug High Schools. 
  • Early Childhood Education: Field trip funded for students from Kennedy HS (Waterbury) to visit the campus.
  • Engineering Technology: A series of events to bring high school students and teachers/guidance counselors to the NVCC campus and to establish relationships with the faculty of the Engineering Technology Division at NVCC.
  • Academic Center for Excellence: Computers, tutors, Math tutorial software, and science equipment.

Workforce Achievers Value Education (WAVE)

WAVE is a federally funded program through the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). This program is run through the College's Business Division and is designed to build students’ academic and work skills while developing each individual student’s personal emotional quotient, enabling him or her to get along successfully in the real world.

Individuals admitted into the WAVE Program are registered NVCC college students. They pursue a Certificate or Associates Degree within their chosen field of interest. There are currently hundreds of degree and certificate majors to choose from.

The WAVE is a strongly knit program that will assist students with the transition to further education and/or the job market.  It helps individuals succeed in the workplace and educates participants in developing real world skills. The students gain more confidence, academic support, credentials, job seeking skills and work experience.

Eligibility for this grant funded program is two-fold. Federal eligibility is based on qualification through the WIA guidelines. Academic eligibility is decided through a review of High School transcripts and an interview with an NVCC representative. Individuals accepted into the WAVE program make a commitment of at least one year. Students are expected to attend school full time while working a limited number of hours. WAVE participants are involved with program administrators on a daily basis through meetings, lunches or classes.

The WAVE program is in its sixth year of operation. Within this time we have accepted 80 students from over 600 applicants. Our three year graduation rate for certificates and associates degrees is approximately 82%.

Student Testimonials

“The WAVE Program has helped me throughout by keeping me focused on school.” Sasha G

“The WAVE is great for students who otherwise would not have a support structure around them to make sure they are successful.” Mike B

“The WAVE Program has taught me to put myself first.” Teniqua C.

“The people in this program are more than friends, we have become family” ShandaLisa G