Visual and Performing Arts

Program Option Focus Areas

As a Visual and Performing Arts major, you can specialize in any of these areas: 


Whether you are a performer, a teacher or simply exploring your passion, a focus in dance will give you the opportunity to teach, choreograph, perform and explore endless opportunities while doing something you love...


Get on track for a career in music by starting here. Our program will provide you with a strong foundation for continued study in applied music, music education, recording technology among other fields through an engaging curriculum that centers on music theory, history, performance, sound recording and electronic music composition...

Theater Arts

Act, direct, build sets, learn about lighting, study dramatic literature... Come explore your artistic potential.

Visual Arts

Study art history, 2 and 3-dimensional methodologies and graphic principles...

Program Coordinator
Burton Tedesco
203-575-8038 (p)
Room: A301

What do I get?

We offer all of the courses you need - all in a two year cycle!

Teachers qualify for unique endorsement with thirty credits. Our Dance program is designated by the Connecticut State Department of Education as a formal pathways higher education institution for dance certification K-12.

Our classes will help you prepare to further your study or seek employment as a:

  • dance educator
  • dance studio teacher/owner
  • community service organization worker
  • production assistant
  • choreographer
  • dance therapy assistant
  • dancer in the arts and entertainment industry.

Follow your dream! Our dance program is affordable, accessible and accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Formal Pathways for Dance Certification

Teachers qualify for unique endorsement with 30 credits

If you are a:

  • prospective teacher
  • magnet school teacher
  • dance teacher in school
  • certified teacher wishing to cross-endorse

then you qualify for a unique endorsement with thirty credits.


The State of CT Dance Education Task Force Committee has designated the following courses to fulfill the 30 credit requirement for Pre-K-12 Dance Certification or Unique Endorsement.

  • Applied Study in Ballet
  • Applied Courses in Modern Dance (2) 
  • Applied Study in a third Folkloric or Classical World Dance Form (Tap, Jazz, African, etc.)
  • Choreographic Principles/Composition and Dance Improvisation
  • Dance History/Cultures
  • Applied Anatomy/Kinesiology
  • Dance Education Methods/Curriculum (including elementary and secondary)
  • Nutrition in a Fitness context (Pilates)

In addition to day and evening courses, the dance department offers special programs throughout the year for the educator.

We are committed to dance education and will offer all of these requirements in a two year cycle.

The Terpsichorean Club

Love to dance? Looking for opportunities to meet others that do too? If you are a student at NVCC, whether for credit or as a community participant registeredTerpsichorean Club at the college through the Continuing Education program, join The Terpsichorean Club and:

  • take trips to dance concerts
  • participate in club sponsored master classes
  • explore a variety of dance genres.

The club, formed in 1993, is active in the College's arts and humanities and student activities productions. Like Terpsichore, the Greek goddess of dance and one of the nine muses in Greek mythology, the goal of members of the Terpsichorean's is to perpetuate and cultivate the Fine Arts.

Course Schedule

Please check back for an updated schedule!

Mission Statement

The Dance Option provides students with a broad base of cultural and historical knowledge as well as technique, pedagogy and repertoire in the various dance genres. The creative process is fostered by inclusion of production skills, the art of choreography, and performance opportunities. This foundation will prepare students to further their study, teach, choreograph, and/or perform. Graduates may seek employment in dance education, dance studios, community service organizations, and as production assistants, choreographers, teacher assistants, dance therapy assistants, and as dancers in the arts and entertainment industry.

What do I get?

When you become part of the music program at NVCC, you become part of something much larger. As a member of one of the most comprehensive music departments in Connecticut, you can choose from a number of specializations in:

Mission Statement

The music option provides students with an academic focus on not only music history and musicianship, but also on contemporary music industry needs. The disciplines of music theory and aural training required to be competitive in today’s job market or for transfer to a four-year music school are also studied. The applied areas of focus include vocal and/or instrumental ensemble performance, electronic music technology, and individual lessons in voice, piano, guitar, strings, brass, woodwind or percussion. Graduates may seek employment in music education, performance, recording production, commercial/music instrumental sales or special events coordination.

  • professional performer
  • composer-arranger
  • music education
  • music therapy
  • recording technology
  • other related fields

Individual Attention

Private lessons with a master teacher are a key component of this degree program as well as keyboard skills and electronic music skills.

Learn, practice, perform

With a focus on theory, musical style and performance practice, you’ll learn about traditional music theory, history of musical style, and perform in professional quality ensembles.

Your degree is just the beginning

There are unlimited opportunities for you to pursue your individual music interests in our program and when you’re done, we’ll help you transition into professional music or transfer into the four-year music program of your choice.

The NVCC music department is the only community college to offer a direct transfer to the WCSU music education department in Danbury.

Choral Society

An academic and community experience

It's a course...NVCC Choral Society

As a College course, you will earn two music credits towards a visual and performing arts degree or two elective credits toward the major of your choice.

You may repeat the course as many times as you like, but only four credits count towards graduation. 

Choral society meets twice per week for rehearsal to work on:

  • sight reading
  • choral repertoire
  • performance techniques

building up to a concert at the end of each semester. 

It's a club... NVCC Choral Society

The Choral Society was formed as a club in 1977 to organize fund raisers, social affairs and travel arrangements for the NVCC Chorus.

It's a community activity...

If you want to be a part of an exceptional chorus but are not interested in earning academic credit, you can enroll through in the Choral Society as a non-credit course.

Registration requires a nominal fee and members enjoy all the privileges and activities but are not required to pay tuition or receive grades.

Appreciate the history and art

Music is selected for its historic and artistic value, which enhances a student's understanding of and appreciation for the art of choral literature.

An occasional repeat of a traditional piece such as Handel's "Messiah" is always welcomed by audiences, as are presentations of major works by Bach, Mozart, Faure and other notable composers.

Travel and perform

Part of the itinerary includes concert tours in order to expose students to educational and culturally enlightening experiences.

In the past, we have scheduled biannual tours when it is financially and academically practical to places like:

  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • New Orleans
  • Puerto Rico
  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • other Connecticut cities and universities.

The Society has also broadcast on Public Radio.

College Choir

New England's Musical Treasure

The NVCC College Choir is one of New England's musical treasures with a stellar history of performances spanning more than 25 years.

This exciting Choir consistently thrills audiences, some of whom have called it "the best choir they've ever heard" and "New England's best kept musical secret."

The College Choir consists of college students and members of the local community who audition each semester.

Each year, the Choir presents two concerts with orchestra as well as other performances on campus and such venues as:

  • Wesleyan University
  • Yale University
  • State Capitol
  • Palace Theater
  • Oakdale Theater
  • local churches.

The Choir has toured Great Britain, Hungary, Austria, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Montreal and Quebec, and has broadcast on Public Radio.

Dr. Gard is assisted by accompanists Dr. Elizabeth Lorenzo and Laura Ouimette, and student assistant conductors.  New members are welcome at the beginning of each semester with audition information available by email.


As a music student, you'll have access to:

  • department office and lounge
  • recital hall
  • 5 practice rooms with pianos
  • keyboard lab
  • two voice studios
  • music theory classrooms
  • drum studio
  • Mainstage theater.

Student Music Clubs

  • Band Society
  • Choral Society (Academic and Community Experience)
  • Gospel Choir
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Opera Society

Wind Ensemble of Western Connecticut

The Wind Ensemble of Western Connecticut is a 50-piece concert band in partnership with the Music Department of Naugatuck Valley Community College.

Its membership includes amateur and professional musicians and college music majors under the leadership of Dr. Richard Gard, assistant professor of music.

They play a varied repertoire of classical, jazz, big band, show tunes, holiday pieces, and march music.  They were recently featured at the Second John Philip Sousa Festival of Bands as well as the NVCC Commencement ceremony.

The group performs approximately 4-5 times per year and follows the college calendar. Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9:30pm, at the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Church in Woodbury. The band has some openings and invites anyone interested to inquire. Please direct questions to Pat Reinhardt, President WEWC, at 203-426-6148.

Explore your artistic potential!

A career in the performing arts can be a tough path to choose and the theater is no exception.

So often it appears that success is measured by talent - a talent that you are not sure you possess.

You ask yourself: 

     "Do I have what it takes to really make it?"
     "Is a career in the theater realistic and achievable?"

Here at Naugatuck Valley Community College, success is more than just a possibility.

Mission Statement

The theater option offers a challenging course of study for both the novice student and experienced theater artist. Through a combination of classroom training, production experience opportunities and community service outreach, NVCC theater students develop a definite set of skills, knowledge and values that lead to growth as individuals, artist, and future theater professionals. Ultimately, the theater program strives to develop the creative and intellectual potential in both arts and non-arts majors at the college. Graduate employment may include assistantships as directors, stage managers, theater technicians, box office managers, marketing coordinators, sound engineers, lighting assistants or acting interns.

Through a combination of:

  • classroom training
  • production experience
  • community service outreach

you will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence that you need to grow independently and successfully in:

  • acting
  • directing
  • technical crew
  • stagecraft
  • lighting
  • scene design
  • dramatic literature
  • productions.

Learn more about the theater degree.


The 800 seat Mainstage Theater is equipped with a fly system, along with state of the art technology in the areas of lighting, sound, and rigging. 

For smaller productions, our 100 seat Playbox has the flexibility to be reconfigured to service a variety of design approaches, and to handle both musical and non-musical productions. It likewise features brand new lighting and sound technology.

The facility also houses make-up rooms, a scene shop, a costume shop, prop and storage rooms, a green room, box office, and rehearsal space.

Art Club

Join Us!  We are always looking for new members!

Looking for more experience in drawing and painting?  Join us!

We meet weekly during the school year and our group is open to all matriculated students. Activities have included field trips to galleries and museums in Connecticut and New York City.

What can I do?

When you enroll in the art option, you'll have the opportunity to develop your passion for art in a college setting alongside people who love designing and creating art as much as you do. Whether you are seasoned, up-and-coming or an artist on the side, there is a pathway for you to explore your creative skills, enhance your technique or learn a different style.

Earn a degree in visual and performing arts while focusing on what you love.

As part of your art education, you will learn:

  • art history
  • painting, drawing and design
  • sculpture and pottery
  • computerized graphic design.

Mission statement

Looking for more experience in drawing and painting?  Join us!

We meet weekly during the school year and our group is open to all matriculated students. Activities have included field trips to galleries and museums in Connecticut and New York City.

Upon graduating, you will be set academically to transfer to a four-year program or seek professional entry level positions in galleries, museums and theatre productions.

To expand your experience, join the art club and work on more personalized projects in a social setting.

Need Help? Contact the Program Coordinator (above) for guidance or view the different options available to you:

  • earn a degree
  • complete a certificate
  • take credit courses
  • take courses just for fun.