Respiratory Care

About Respiratory Care

If you enjoy working with people of all ages and you have often considered a career in a health care field then respiratory care might be the right choice for you.

When you think about a career that you would enjoy, do the following things come to mind?

  • a fast paced and dynamic work environment
  • interacting with people of all ages
  • helping people feel better
  • working with advanced technology
  • experiencing a feeling or sense of accomplishment at the end of the day
  • being appreciated and respected

Respiratory Therapists are important members of the health care team.

You'll care for a wide variety of patients and can be found in many areas of the hospital including:

  • emergency room
  • adult, pediatric and newborn intensive care units
  • open heart units
  • cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • air transport

There are also many opportunities for Respiratory Therapists in settings outside the hospital which include:

  • home care
  • medical sales
  • sleep laboratories

To learn more about the Respiratory Care profession, view the Life and Breath video

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